Additional FAQs Request


I’ve noticed a spike in new topics like do you think XYZ, I have an issue ZYX, etc. On the forum, they already have a topic for FAQ and small questions. To add to this, I am thinking we should add in the current bugs that users may be facing on the forum, popular topics to prevent duplicates, why the Regular role users gain access to bug reports, what to do in an event that there is a bug and you can’t post about it, etc.

I think this will be a better way to have users identify what to post and why they can’t do certain things. This will prevent issues with new posts like duplicates, identify what Roblox can and cannot do with bugs on the forum, etc.

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You clearly have not read what I am asking.

I am asking for DET to clearly mark in a post about if you have an idea on post XYZ to reply there so that users don’t create duplicates, I am in no shape bashing the discussion category. I also brought up about creating more FAQs like about regulars, bugs that involve Discourse, not roblox, what to do if there is a bug on Roblox but you can’t do anything about it due to your trust level.

I highly suggest you reread my post because I have clearly defined these and have not broken a single rule in the making of this post.