Addressing the issues with troll posts and Proposed Solutions to fix them

It was removed because it wasn’t scalable.

“To the people who say stop breaking rules:
In life, rules will be broken. If you want rules to be followed on some forum, then you should rethink your life choices”

This forum is meant as a useful public resource for developers, not a place to meme around in. (DEVELOPER Forum)


Here’s my controversial opinion :slight_smile::

The DevForum, for all intents and purposes, has become more of a place to find help than to helpfully discuss meaningful topics. I think that more topics should be locked. Let me explain:

In my opinion, the most fundamentally important category is #help-and-feedback. It’s such a useful resource for learners. Everything else is secondary. I’ve made at least 10 posts in a help and feedback category when I was new to development and I got really quick, kind answers from helpful people. This is a resource that should absolutely stay open. Even though people might post dumb or irrelevant questions, this is a reasonable price to pay considering that so many good questions are asked and answered. Keep #help-and-feedback open.

After that, in my opinion, come #updates and #resources. I would say change these topics so that everyone can read and like them, but not everyone can reply to them or create topics in these categories. In the case of updates, this would (hopefully) ensure that only good, thoughtful replies would make their way into the comments. In the case of tutorials this would (also hopefully) mean that we would have tutorials with better quality.

And then we have #bug-reports, #feature-requests, and, of course, #development-discussion. None of these are essentially important to new developers, although they are obviously very important categories. Therefore, these topics should be harder to get into and only be accessible to trusted community members.

I’m not going to bemoan the DET or complain that ‘The DevForum is just a bunch of trolls’ because there truly are some really kind, helpful people that I’ve met on here. I just think that there are some things that we could do to reduce the amount of trolls on the forum while still keeping it open to younger developers.


Keep fundamental categories like #help-and-feedback open, while making categories like #development-discussion and #feature-requests have stricter access protocol.

I’m also in favor of having a General Discussion category to be open to the public, so that newer community members can still have good discussion and find community when they aren’t asking for help (this would only happen if #development-discussion was harder to access).

Please feel free to argue with me on any of these points, I’m kind of interested to see what people think :wave:


I mean, yes. You can have humor here and there.

But this kind of nonsense shouldn’t exist on the DevForum (look at the replies):

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I agree, except I think that the #updates:announcements category should stay open, just in case they try to push a material update again. We only overturned that through hundreds of replies


Fair… to add onto this, replies for tutorials and such might be okay as well, I’m not sure

Why the hypocrisy? You literally updated this post 12 times while saying that my proposed solutions are not gonna fix the wrongs of the devforum. And here is your post, with the “Proposed solutions to fix them” its like your’s will fix it xD

Just like how @luisgamercooI231fan has mentioned:

Okay, first of all, I changed the title because I realized that other people had solutions to the trolling issue. I couldn’t just ignore that. It would be selfish and ignorant.

So I decided to change the title and edit the post letting other people put their solutions in the thread. The 12 edits you see are for the following reasons:

  • Showing more troll posts to prove my point
  • Typos
  • Adding other people’s solutions to the thread
  • Bumping the topic so more people would acknowledge this issue :slight_smile:

Edit: Your Proposed Solutions had nothing to do with troll posts. It had to do with adding a “general questions category”. This post is entirely dedicated to prevent troll post and replies. Nothing more.

You sent this

Before changing the name of your post, so your argument here is done

You were updating this post about proposing solution while saying that I should not propose solutions because “it won’t fix the wrongdoings of the devforums” And yours will not too.

This does not matter, yours is a proposed solution and mine is too, there are no difference except they both have different solutions.

So your solution to the troll issue is to make a general questions category? If anything, it’ll just give the trolls another category to make posts in.

No, it isn’t. The title was changed before I put that argument.

You need to read. These aren’t my solutions alone. I put other people’s solutions too. Right or wrong.

No, you sent this:

before changing the title of this topic.

No, that has nothing to do with your post, In my post, I was proposing a “Generals Questions” category, that had nothing to do with this topic. And I did not even mention anything about trolls.

And not to mention that trolls image are everywhere in the internet, just ignore them, it’s that easy.

I changed the title before I gave the argument. Stop spreading false information.

Your quotes are completely out of context. Stop spreading false info. If you don’t have anything useful or contributive to the situation, don’t say it.

I’m not going to continue with this argument that’s between me and you. I know its useless because you have nothing contributive to say

Couldn’t be a weaker argument. The DevForum isn’t supposed to be a place for trolls. Imagine the chaos that would ensue should the DevForum close down just like the Public Forums did.


Got curious, found some of the trolling users shown above.

I guess it’s better than nothing, but yeah, your point stands.

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One did get suspended permanently, if it makes you feel any better.


Yeah. Luis did, but sam got away with it :confused:

While I still contemplate the devforum and its users/rules. I used to have this friend of mine who always said that “Roblox Devforum are too serious, they expect all people to be serious all the time when it is the only official type of forum Roblox has” – 2020.

I’m neutral on that opinion, but what he did say is true when Roblox’s community only has 1 type of official communication, some people will just join to have conversations with each other and crack each other up/troll, and you might be thinking: well why not discord, twitter, reddit, unofficial forums? Because there are people that like official places. Most of the developers on Roblox are on the developer forum, and many are in discord, but this, this is official, and this is where all the cool stuff happens, where you can actually talk to a developer and not get barged by a discord e-girl in a developer server. And that is how the trolls/children(trying to fake their ages) will look at it too.

Now there are some possible solutions to this, firstly I think if Roblox puts in a 3rd party verification system for a voice chat feature, then I think Roblox is more than capable of making a verification system for the devforum, and I’m talking about seriously making more strict: the rules and policies. And treating this like a professional site, so when an ex-webdeveloper/other engine developer, is skimming through the internet to find another community of developers they don’t see a mayhem of children deciding which among us character looks cooler, but stack-overflow level conversations.


Well your interesting “meme” definition violates the DevForum rules:

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(He can’t reply right now though since he’s suspended until Friday (March 3rd))

Out of all the given solutions, I think a quiz for reading the rules could be the most helpful. To me, it’s a matter of forcing users to get familiar with the rules as they’re forming their first ideas about the nature of the forum.

Also, I don’t think that finding more trolls and troll posts to talk about on this thread is very helpful to actually getting the problem fixed.


It’d be a waste of time and effort since all the answers would be out online very quickly and defeat the purpose of it. No matter how many questions where you can compile and throw them into the mix, you’ll end up with everything out in the wild.

Regardless of how someone gets ahold of the answers, they’re still being forced to enter facts about the rules into a form, which is probably going to cause them to process what they’re putting down to some degree. Of course, this isn’t going to stop people who blatantly troll just for the sake of trolling, but it might help inform people who don’t know any better and post joke topics because they never took the time to read the rules.

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