Adopt Me is missing from popular sort

Adopt me shows on my popular sort, im also using chrome on windows 10

edit: it is gone now

edit 2: royale high and brookhaven are now gone

this bug is wierd cause now adopt me is back

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Using Safari on MacOS Big Sur, doesn’t show up.

EDIT: Now Royale High is missing

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Royale High isnt missing for me, but I refreshed and adopt me is missing now. This is a really weird bug.

OS: Windows 10 Pro
Browser: Opera 10 GX (Chromium)

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i am on Mac and i see Royal high and Adopt me without any bugs.
@NewFissy but i suggest reporting to Roblox as this may happen to other games
Also i am on Chrome

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Appears on mine

OS: Win10
Browser: Chrome

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Adopt Me is still there for me, seems like your having the same issue that @Planet3arth had:

Game does not show up in game's page or search?

Other people could see the game, but not the owner.

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I actually noticed that too. It disappeared for ~30 mins. Its now visible again.

OS: Win10
Browser: Google Chrome

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We’re checking it out, thanks for the report.


Not there for me either, on Chrome Windows 10.
Also not there for Windows 10 Roblox.

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Adopt Me got so popular roblox cant even mark it as popular
Chrome for Windows (using BTR)

But yea it’s missing for me as well


Thanks everyone for testing on your personal devices! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:


It’s there for me

Windows 10 Home : Google Chrome

Although Royal High is missing.

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I’m not able to replicate this. I still see all games that should be there (I think)

On Google Pixel 5, latest version of the Roblox App

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Same issue happening here. It seems to be an issue with Roblox positioning stuff on the sort rn. [for example Murder Mystery has less players than Brookhaven but is higher on the sort]

OS: Windows 10 1909 [build 18363.1256]
Browser: Opera Stable 73.0.3856.284


I can’t find Adopt Me at all.

OS: iOS iPhone 7

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I’m having an issue that is potentially related to this. When going to check the servers of a game, 75% of the time Roblox says there are no active servers! After refreshing a few times, it shows the servers finally. Very obviously, there are actually servers that Roblox is refusing to display. Maybe the “algorithm” that puts games on the popular sort is affected because the number of servers/players in the game were registered as 0?


OS - Windows 10
Browser used - Firefox
Region - Russian Federation

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Can reproduce your issue, another issue that I’ve noticed is that upon liking/disliking a game, it doesn’t add up to the game’s ratings. If you refresh the page upon liking/disliking it disappears as well.

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The times have come when a popular game goes missing is a bug.

If I’m not mistaken that’s how because Popular sort works (it ranks games depending on if you’re 13+ or <13, for example if you’re 13+ and game A has 2k total players 1,5k of which are <13 it’s going to be ranked lower than game B with 1k total 750 of which are 13+).

By the way Adopt me never goes away for me, even after spamming refresh. Google Chrome on Windows 7.


To note, RTrack which uses the popular sort for concurrent tracking has not experienced any outages at all in the past hour or day


This could mean that if adopt me is missing it’s likely shown further down the sort.