Ads Manager Funds 1-Day Campaigns with x2 Days Worth of Daily Budget


When running an ad campaign, Roblox requires that campaigns be at least 24hours in duration, meaning that you cannot have a campaign that is only contained within 1 day (see below):

This causes issues when you are trying to run a 1-day campaign with a set daily budget and only be billed for 1 day, because the ads system will automatically bill you for 2, even if your period is 24hrs.

What Happened

In the example below, I ran a 24-hour campaign with a 5 ad credit daily budget, expecting to be charged 5 ad credits for the single day-long period that it ran.

Campaign Tile (5 ad credit daily budget)

Campaign Period (24hr window)

Amount Billed (10 ad credits [x2 daily budget])

What I expected to happen

When setting up a campaign with the minimum 24hr duration and a set daily budget, I would expect to be billed for 1 day (24hrs) as I selected rather than 2 whole days.


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