Advanced Audio Library Search features


Searching through the ROBLOX Music library for tracks of specific lengths is too difficult.
(example: APM music is a majority 30 second commercial tracks)

Allowing tools for users to specify their search will significantly assist the process of navigating through for sound-pieces.

This would include searching for:

  • Track length (min/max length search)
  • Title/Description only search


I think this should fall under generally improving the search system.

(Otherwise it’d just be adding more, hard-coded features for a pretty niche use case that would be better spent making a generally good search system.)


To my knowledge this is already underway and I’d imagine some rendition of this is already planned (hopefully).


Although I believe a couple people recently made tools for browsing the audio library better (or the newly added tracks at least) this definitely does need to be a built in feature


most options for searches would be hardcode instances
im specifically asking for a track length search which is pertinent only to sound


Yeah, they will be, but not in the messy, inconsistent way as having them as their own full feature without the overarching search system would cause.

If you’re going to do something, at least make it so other issues/features could be fixed/implemented in the same update.