Advanced Payout Distribution

Still can’t believe this isn’t a priority. Money drives this platform and the tools we have to distribute it is ridiculously under-developed.


+1 for me,

This topic needs to be brought up continuously in my opinion. being in a developing team myself, as the owner, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to pay each developer for their work done on each game. This in itself wouldn’t be that bad if there was only one game, however, with multiple games come different responsibilities for each developer, meaning they have a change in income from that game.

With this forum’s solution, I would be able to edit the players profits from each game instead of having to solve how much each player earns via @TheAmazeman 's method of using a spreadsheet.


The spreadsheet method is absolutely crucial in my group right now. I have 2 games earning Robux from different building teams, and it is critical to keep the games in the same group as the games are niche and we couldnt afford to not advertise the other game via the group page. I have absolute freedom of paying my developers all sorts of percentages due to the process I developed in accounting class 3+ years ago and I highly recommend developers take my free to use work for themselves.

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What I’m currently doing is monthly, I will go to the game page and check developer stats. When you switch the charts to see it monthly instead of daily, you will see robux revenue for that month. Multiply that *.6 (30% tax) and now u have the robux revenue from that game for the month. You then can do the math and distribute payouts to ur fellow devs who work on that game. Do that for all the games and you should be in business.

Bumping this.

Recently my team has started hiring more developers, and it’s seriously inconvenient having every single game in a different group. Of course, there is the option of paying out monthly, manually, but it’s not only inconvenient but also risky, with 100% going to the group, and robux being retained for a whole month, the owner somehow getting locked out or worse, compromised, would be extremely bad for all developers. This just seems like such a simple and necessary feature, no idea why groups still have such little controls.