The Economic Guide to Group Game Payouts

Hello fellow developers, in this tutorial I will be unraveling what I’ve come to see, through experience and economic insight, as the most concrete guide to group game payouts for Roblox. A bit about my background, I have a BA in Economics from the University of Arizona, and have maintained a Roblox game that has earned DevEx cashouts since the program began.

Part 1: Recognize percentage group payouts done by Roblox are not reliable.
There are many threads about this.

The first thing we must realize is there is a problem, then act upon it. Do not use percentage group payouts as it currently is as of 6/10/18.
For the remainder of this tutorial, I will assume you have all Robux from your group game going into group funds.

Part 2: Recognize the practical applications of an organized financial spreadsheet

What are you trying to accomplish with group payouts? All of these you will be able to do easily with the spreadsheet below

  • Separate group revenue by game
  • Subtract expenses from each game’s revenue to get profit
  • Pay developers based on the profit of the game(s) they worked on

This creates the need for 1 spreadsheet with 3+ sheets. One sheet maintains the first and second bullet point, add one sheet for each group game, and a final sheet to view total payouts to each developer per month.

Part 3: Create a spreadsheet and sheets for the above bullet points

Here is a spreadsheet, all the logic is implanted in the cells so you can find out what is going on behind the scenes if you’re interested.

Below I list what you need to do with each sheet

  • ‘Game Income Statements’ sheet
    • Paste Monthly Developer Stats into the spreadsheet

    • Paste expenses (ad purchases, etc) data into the spreadsheet


This will transfer your revenue data and expenses data into the spreadsheet, and will calculate game profit. Because if you pay developers percentage of revenue without expenses taken into account, you’re gonna have a bad time!

  • ‘Game1’ 2,3… sheet(s)

    • Change payout percentages based on project manager and developer agreement
  • ‘Final Monthly Payouts’ sheet

Note: Make your payments on the 3rd of the month after 5PM Pacific time / the time when the developer stats for the past day are updated. This is because pending sales keeps your Robux earned for 3 days, therefore waiting 3 days into a month means the entirety of the previous month’s Robux should be in the group funds.

That’s it! Getting this setup will be the largest amount of time you spend on these spreadsheets. Once they’re set up to your liking, it is very quick to do payments every month. No developer should work for an unorganized studio! But no studio should be unorganized with these straight forward spreadsheets! Thanks for reading and good luck out there!


Many developers should consider this as it organises their funding. Thanks for this topic, hopefully, it can help improve my group funding.


Thanks! I’ll definitely look into using this. Not having per-game funding has forced me to separate my games in different groups


Sweet! Now I just need funds and a game and people to pay :smiley:
Thank you!

hopefully I will get those soon xd


Update, after many years of a second game in development, VVG now has 2 games earning Robux, with different developers each game, and I still use this method today, as it is still the best method for payments!