Advanced scripters for hire

We are looking for Advanced Scripters.
You must have enough experience with roblox physics, ui tweening and lua in order to apply.

About The Job

You will script arcade games.
Let me elaborate:
We have plans to have many floors of arcade games. each floor will feature a different TYPE of arcade machine. the types can range from modern dave and buster type games, to full on ui arcade cabinets. Arcade making is hard work, theres a lot that you need to know it order to achieve success. For most dave and buster type games, you’ll only need to now enough in physics and lua to script them.
For arcade cabinets and other advanced ui type games, you will need to be skilled in ui tweening and physics.

Here are some examples:

Graveyard Grillout

Graveyard Grillout is a game inspired by zombie snatcher.
Pucks rotate around the board and players try to move them with their mechanical arm.
theres two modes, FreePlay and Burger Blast!

Burger blast requires 2 players.
Players build their burger by collecting the right pucks in the right order.
the first player to builder his/her burger wins. They will receive tickets.

As you can see, Graveyard Grillout will mostly require physics. This is why we need someone who is advanced in that area.

Fruit Salad Slash

Fruit Salad Slash is inspired by Fruit Ninja.

if you don’t know how fruit ninja works, then let me tell you.
In fruit ninja you have limited time to slash as many fruits that pop up on the screen. Avoid bombs and look for special fruits like pomegranates.

That’s basically how fruit ninja works.

Fruit Salad Slash will work about the same way but with some improvements…

As you can see in the pic above, Fruit Salad Slash is a fully ui game. I believe part of it is actually made with viewport frames. So basically, you will need to be advanced in ui tweening, and viewports.

Arcade Cabinets

Here’s where it gets harder…

If you are familiar with the classics like Pac-Man or Galaga, then you know how arcade cabinets work, and what they are.

Basically we are going to use pixel art, upload it, turn it into image frames and buttons, and make a full on arcade game. This is the toughest thing out of all the types of games, which is why we are looking for people like you! Roblox has never before ever seen anything like this! If we could pull this off, it would be groundbreaking.


We are paying 15-19%. Our preferred payment is robux. You’ll receive a % of any profit we earn. so far our game did pretty well in the 24 hours it was open for. If you really want us to, we can even sign a contract with you confirming you will receive a fair payment.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord.

My user is: TheMasterBuilder#0817
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

We have an in-depth portfolio here:

feel free to ask me if you have any questions.
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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