Adventus Framework and Arrival Game Open Source

You might find my portfolio helpful to see clips of the game (all of the videos in the “Specialized video showcases of game work” spoiler are recordings of Arrival at some stage of its development)

As I’m leaving Roblox for quite some time, I expect that the platform will change and what I once considered my life’s work will no longer be very significant when/if I return. I’m hoping by releasing this someone out there who was in a similar position to mine at one point will find this helpful.

  1. To find modules/navigate I recommend using the explorer search feature
  2. The modules are organized hierarchically and distinguished into shared, server, client, and studio sections (you can work with this framework from the studio command bar by installing this plugin).
  3. The nice thing about studio side access is that rather than writing isolated plugins as is done traditionally one can embed the plugins directly into the framework as you can see with the “changeclass” module for example
  4. A brief English description of the framework can be found in the “details” module.
  5. Most of the game should function as is, except for the game’s Hollow mob and defenses (I was in the process of refactoring these when I quit Roblox). The marketplace will not save right now because I didn’t want to continue paying gcp for hosting, but the node js source is all available in the google drive folder.
  6. You can assume the game is up to date with all of the Roblox releases before January 1st, 2020. If there is a workaround for a bug somewhere I tried to comment the corresponding DevForum bug report post.
  7. I think there is a lot to look at, so please don’t be discouraged if you don’t find something interesting in the first few modules you open. Running _G'loc'() in the command bar outputs that the game has 38,577 lines of code, 138,579 total lines if you include the list of 100k devproducts.
  8. If I took an idea or code from somewhere else I tried to leave credit but I apologize if I missed something

I believe you can use any part of the game except for the animations and sound effects (you’ll need to message @Nanie_l about the animations and @PenguinFriendForever about the sfx) but please provide credit. Detailed credits can be found here.

I’m sorry I’m not making a more comprehensive tutorial, but I’d greatly appreciate it if someone else would. I’ve made a discord server where people who want to discuss this can link up. In the future I may decouple certain modules from this framework to put on my Github but do not rely on this please. If you want to continue developing Arrival specifically, I recommend joining the community server to chat with former testers.

Thank you for reading as much of this as you did, I hope you find something here helpful:


Any idea why it kicks you? As I tried messing around with the script.

I’m not sure, what do you mean by “host line?” Can you join the discord server? I looked through the code for :kick() and the only one that would plausibly happen is if your data fails to load. I also was able to join the place on an alt.

Meant the script for the heroku