Arrival Credits & Contributions

This is to recognize and celebrate everyone who makes Arrival possible

First and foremost, a big thanks to our community and players; you are why we are here! Especially to our discord server, thank you guys so much for your feedback and support in all our endeavors

@SouperCreativeName, @DutchElite2002, @xGreenery, @PenguinFriendForever, @Nanie_l, and @Acreol were excellent testers
@PenguinFriendForever, @Ovik_x, @Nanie_l, and @Acreol planned and designed the game
@PenguinFriendForever also created our SFX and composed our music
@MissMythic, @SobSyphix, @TurkeyAlpha @TheG0ldenBanana, @Louistio, @Devtour, and @Xtriel created many (3D!!) machine concepts
offsite professional Gravit and @Urbanize modeled our buildings and weapons
@Aesura created concept art for our monsters
@jeisoncm95 modeled and painted our monsters and foliage
@Nanie_l and @Vedrakkerous sculpted the map
@Nanie_l also animated the monsters, characters, and buildings
@Vedrakkerous created our VFX and lighting
@Acreol designed the UI and scripted the game
@xGreenery made some of the recolorings

All contributions are welcome; if you’d also like to help, please message us in our discord server
Thanks for being curious to read this; please enjoy our game!

For cross-game/group contributions, see this post:


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