Advertisement creator for hire!

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a Clothing Ad Designer. I have been creating roblox advertisements for about a week now.


Here is some of my past work (Banner, Skyscraper, and Rectangle):



i ned fos


I don’t go on Discord a lot due to real-life matters but I will respond to replies and text messages.


Prices are 10 - 20 Robux (negotiable) from group funds and gamepass robux. I do not accept PayPal.


You can contact me on Discord at Framez#5494


  • No inappropriate clothing.
  • It cannot be against Terms Of Use
  • Please do not rush me.


  • If you see any advertisement with the same exact advertisements with the same exact clothing displayed, report them for stealing work
  • In order for me to work with you, I will need your clothing template. I won’t steal the clothing. And so you trust me more, you can report me if I do steal.

Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you able to make game advertisements

I mean…I would have needed to use roblox studio…And I don’t have that on my device…If it doesn’t require roblox studio, i guess i can

Like what you would do for a shirt advertisement but do a game

Can you describe the game or the genre?
Is it like a clothing shop?

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No it is a badge walk game Like a big place for people to hang out and get badges

I need it in a skyscraper form how much do you want for that

So…Do you need an advertisement for a badge game? I’ll think about it.

Hi, I sent you a friend request. [ Krt#0808 ] :wave: