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So , I have a few questions about advertising with Robux.

Is Sponsoring better or using ads?
How much robux should I spend?
What things should I do before spending robux on ad?

If anyone could help , that’d be greatly appreciated

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*Just realized I missed part of the original prompt. Updating my response accordingly.

The way I generally explain to people goes like this:

You have three options:
Ads for groups
Ads for games
Sponsors for games

Ads for groups help you publicize your group, which in turn, helps you gather members quicker. It’s very popular for communities that wish to grow in size.

Sponsors for games help you publicize your game. It shows up on the Games page as a “Sponsored Game”. This is how you get more players in your game servers and can help you increase revenue, since more players visiting means more potential customers.

Ads for games are a hybrid. They can get you more visits at your game, but also members for your group. They’re very similar to Sponsors, but are different in where they appear. Sponsors will show up on the Games page as “Sponsored Games” in the Popular, Top Rated, and other rows. Game Ads will show up alongside the catalog, groups page, and other places. It leans more towards visits, so if your goal is to gather members in a group, you should opt for the actual group advertisements.

As for spending, there are a lot of ways to go about running ads and sponsors. My personal method is alternating between spending 5,000, 7,500, and 10,000 on each ad or sponsor, but how much you should spend depends heavily on what your goal is and your budget.

There’s a very in-depth thread discussing effective advertising that was written by TheTitanicHeadMan. Read it here:

As for what you should do to prepare for running ads/sponsors, I recommend commissioning quality GFX from a reputable designer. You don’t need to pay for the highest-end artwork available, but decent quality work will go a long way and will help you stand-out from the average DIY art that other users use in their ads.


I would say sponsoring. People don’t really click ads. You could get sponsored from a big YouTube. You could tell them to say, “use code blah blah blah for blah blah blah” or “Whoever beat my score gets blah blah blah.”

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He’s talking about Sponsored Games; paying robux to have your game appear on the front page with the label “Sponsored” underneath it, not paying users such as YouTubers to sponsor it.

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Thank you , this really helped!