Advertisements/ Sponsors

Hey there fellow robloxians.
I have a few questions about ads and sponsors
I have finished designing a game and would like to put it up for advertisements And sponsors
My current budget is 25K R$
I would like to know how much to put on ads and how much to put onto advertisements
Please reply
Thank you for reading!


There’s a few things you’ll want to consider when advertising/sponsoring on Roblox and unfortunately there’s no way I can explain them all in detail in the necessary requirements of a short post. So, I’ll be brief:

Marketing 101: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE (Audience = the players your game will target)

Who are they? What are the demographics? What games do they play? and so on…

I think many developers will agree in that any advertising budget should be spent divided. Never invest everything at once or in one thing in particular. You’ll want to go for both ads and sponsors ideally but that knowing your audience will help you decide the ratio on how you want to approach that division. Maybe you want to put 60% into sponsorships and 40% into ads, or vice versa.

It’s up to you, but I would recommend seeking other opinions from trusted individuals who know their way around marketing. A second, third, or even fourth opinion will help in the long run.

Since I know nothing about your game, I can’t do much for you except give you general marketing tips. If I am wrong in any way here, developers, please correct me. This is stuff that would need to be corrected ASAP.

Until then, best of luck on your game!

EDIT: Also search before posting. There are plenty of discussions already about this.


Oh okay ill take that into mind thank you

From something i’ve noticed is that more people have adblock which means when you buy ads they won’t see them, And as I have noticed aswell is that sponsers do better than ads, So in my opinion you should probably stick a little more robux into sponsers than ads.