Advertising a game without spending any robux

Guys how can i advertise my game without spending any robux?
its frustrating cause new games and small devs who doesn’t have that much fame and wealth can’t make their game visible to other people

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I hope roblox could make their/our lives easier

If you have any big social media accounts such as tiktok insta and you post about roblox you could try to advertise your game in there this is a way without speding any robux.
or try contacting a popular tiktoker

This has been asked before in similar ways. Please use the search bar in future.

I don’t have tiktoks and i dont have any popular people friends :frowning:

I would start off by letting friends on Roblox know that you made a game. You could get them to play it, and if, hopefully, they like it, they might tell their friends to play this game as well. And so on.

Another thing you could do is communicate with a YouTuber who will record/stream playing your game for little to no cost. That way, their viewers can check out the game.

One thing I don’t recommend you do is advertise your game on group walls. It’s extremely annoying and not a humble way to get people to play your game.

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Such as RP games people like these type of games

i have asked some youtubers to play my game but they just ignored me and all of my friends played my game and i’m pretty shy to spam invites on them cause i know its annoying

Try talking to your friends and tell them to invite players so other players might enjoy the game that you’ve so they can advertise it for you.

this is my game i think its not that bad its a game where you can test alot of gears and transform into different anime characters with their powers, hangout with other weebs, view different nostalgic anime landmarks and test alot of my custom anime commands


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i already tried that i even add an invite friends button with an ingame prize and it does’nt work that much

i even added a badge to attract more players but its still has few

For me, I don’t think a lot of people are interested in free admin games anymore no one really talks about it that much now. I had a game too and I advertised it through tiktok and it got a few players for a week but no one really plays my game that much now lol.

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