Advertising a Hotel

Hello there!
I own a hotel called Agada Hotels and we currently got about 2000 members.
We used to have working ads, these ads were clickbaits tho.

Since I want to achieve ingame players, and new group members which might be interested to apply for a job I am not sure what kind of ad I should choose.

I saw several ads which say like “Hiring MRs/HRs” but sadly we’re just hiring trainees who are able to work their way up, or they can buy a rank.

I’m also not sure how much I should advertise each day. (Budget about 5k robux)

Recently we got a new ad, unfornatuely we barely gained members or in-game players.

I looked through the devforum and asked many people, but sadly I could not find anything which helped me.

Recent ads I tried which are not counted as clickbait


What are your CTR for those ads vs. your Clickbait ads? Often clickbait ads are better at getting people looking at your game page. Until we get full data for ads like we currently have for sponsors the actual effectiveness of ads is up in the air though so it’s hard to get concrete vision of what your best path forwards may be.

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The advertisements aren’t very eye-catching, which is something you need before you bid your money on them. The first one doesn’t say anything about your group or game; it has the word hotel in it, which only tells people it’s your average, generic hotel. The second advert conveys more of a message, but it’s far less eye-catching since there’s nothing very interesting about it.

Your budget is also nowhere near enough to recruit lots of members and generate activity in your game. You need to consider the number of impressions your ads would get should they both run off 2.5kR$, and their CTR, and how many people who click would actually join your game after clicking.

This guide might support you further in how to advertise effectively - Game Advertising 101

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