Game Advertising 101

Game Advertising 101

This post is purposed to publicize my experience regarding how to successfully advertise your
game. This applies to mostly all games big and small, but as with everything, this may not apply to a game on a case by case basis.

I’d say in the Game Production Community, a majority of Game Producers (ie. the people paying developers and funding advertisements) are spending their funds incorrectly or irresponsibly, and this isn’t a fault of their own, the reason behind this is due to the fact that the younger age demographic which houses a majority of Roblox players will click some of the most ridiculous thing you’ll find out there, and while some people may want to invest into a ridiculously expensive piece of art for a banner or skyscraper advertisement, you’ll probably be able to generate something in Paint .Net or Photoshop in less then an hour that will receive a higher CTR. This comes with the rise of clickbait on the internet, and consequently Roblox.

So with this being the case, how do you successfully advertise your game? This really depends on which type of players, and how many players enjoy your game, but following the steps I’m listing below will most likely help you successfully advertise your game.

Understanding CTR & Basic Advertising Logic

Click Through Rate :arrow_upper_right:

Click Through Rate, CTR, or more commonly known as Click Rate, is the number of clicks your single advertisement receives. When you run an advertisement you want to reach the minimum threshold of 1.0% CTR and aim to be in the 3.0 % area, something that you should allow do though is not run any advertisement that has received under 1.0% CTR, advertisements that don’t meet the minimum threshold will almost always have horrible return.

So when advertising your game you have to set a goal on the purpose of the Game, are you looking to target the wider Roblox Community and Playerbase, or are you looking to only target a specific community? To be more specific this means, do you plan on hosting a community of 40-90 consecutive players who are playing your game for the community surrounding it, or do you plan on hosting 100-1,000 + players who are constantly circulating around your game and joining it because they think its a fun new discovery that they’d like to try out, maybe even purchase a Gamepass or Developer Product from. You need to answer this question before running advertisements, once you have you can start deciding what type of advertisement you want to run.

Now as mentioned before, clickbait advertisements are usually the dominant force in the world of Roblox advertising. Here are some examples of how they look (keep in mind I didn’t make these),


Now let me be clear, none of the creators of these advertisements should receive any hate,
their is nothing wrong with taking advantage of a marketing strategy. In fact we should learn from the creators of these advertisements that Roblox Advertising is all about reaching your target. Advertisements like the ones above usually boast a 1%-3% CTR meaning they’re in the ideal threshold for CTR rates.

Initial Launch Research Period

Launch Research :microscope:

So your about to launch your game, what should you do? Well you should take this as an opportunity to research your games performance. I usually do this by following these steps, lets say you have a R$100,000 Launch Budget for your game (using this number since you can exponentially narrow it down while still following the same concept). Your going to want to run R$10,000 on a Clickbait Game Advertisement, R$10,000 on a Game Advertisement relating to your community and R$10,000 on a mobile sponsor. This will give you the opportunity to see the return these advertisements bring to your game. After you’ve narrowed down which one had the highest CTR your going to want to run R$10,000 on a daily basis for three days, if your making return, congratulations your games succeeding in terms that it can now sustain itself. Make sure to archive the advertisement/sponsorship that had the second highest CTR, your going to need it later.

During this period take the time to research the average time your players stay in game, which gamepasses or developer products are popular sellers. But congrats once you’ve finished this, you’ve concluded your Initial Launch Research Period :grinning: .

Post Launch Research Period

Post Launch Game Performance :eyes:

Now that your game has launched and houses a playerbase, your first advertisements might start to become saturated by the market, reaching all time lows in CTR, most games on the Roblox platform need to keep running advertisements constantly to maintain a playerbase of 500 +, if you remember, during the Initial Launch Research Period you ran three different types of advertisements/sponsorship, if you followed the directions I provided you archived the what ever had the second highest CTR during the Initial Launch Research Period, your going to slowly run smaller advertisements on this image, preferably advertisements that your game revenue is paying for, and see the results. In most cases your advertisement should continue to help you maintain a decent playerbase.

Target Audience Post Game Launch

Game Evolves, your Players do too :thought_balloon:

So now you’ve got a successful game, and its been a while, you want to maintain your game up there. At this point your advertising strategy is fully up to you, and only you know whats best for your game since you can provide the most tailored strategy towards it.

I hope this is a resourceful tool to anyone who needs it, if you’ve got anything to say make sure to leave a reply and I’ll get back to you, this post comes purely from my experience, and if your using this as a resource for your game to grow, I look forward to seeing your game grow. :grinning:


Seems great for players who would want to advertise their games and achieve a successful game in the future, and take advantage of the tips and explained everything clearly and what each thing does and how it works.

I’ll probably use these tips and advice for advertising my games! Clickbait games are not my type, lol.

Props to you! :happy2:


This is all well and good but what about people who dont have that high of a budget or people who dont want to advertise that much and rather upadte games.

Not to mention you would need to put up multiple ads or dump lots of robux to even have a chance of your ad showing up in the first place.


I totally agree. I get 2-3% CTRs on ads I intentionally make very ugly or just simple and low CTRs on ads I put effort into.


Hey @EternalCanadianDev, I totally get your point, as mentioned before this all comes from my experience, everyone has different strategies and you may something thats tailored to your game or community better. :grinning:


Glad to help, thats why I created this small little resource topic!

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Very helpful information imnotRummy! I was about to launch my very first game “EATING SIMULATOR” with 100 robux and I wasn’t sure whether to spend my precious money or not…


Woah! This will definitely will help me when launching my game. I don’t have a lot of Robux though, is it possible to get your game popular via ads without spending 100K Robux?

Hey @TheBestKieranat10 ! Of course, I used the number 100,000 so you can exponentially lower it depending on your budget.

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Oh alright. Would I be able to launch a game successfully with let’s say… 1,000 Robux? Or am I being cheap?

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Everyone’s financial capacity varies, its all about your target audience and if your game will be able to keep players in. Keep in mind, Roblox Advertising is also an auction and people spend hundreds of thousand on advertising, if not millions, daily.


The problem with that is, doesn’t that mean barely anyone would see my ads / sponsorships due to people bidding so much more? Also, are sponsorships better than ads? I’ve heard people saying that they are because people will see them on the front page.


I’d have to take a look at your thumbnail to give you the best analysis, but yes, Sponsorships do put your game on the front page, with this you have to keep in mind that it’ll be a mostly younger audience looking at your game, and possibly less people viewing your game.

I always encourage game advertisements as I find them a more effective long term solution that also brings back better market research.

For projects I’m commissioned to work on as a Project Manager I usually recommend that my clients use sponsorships only for targeting a mobile/tablet audience, but every game is different and is tailored to different needs.


Correction to my statement, Icon * .

Hi, here is the game icon / thumbnails for my game.

Do you think people would see these and be interested in the game? I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions. Credits to @Svmiyy and @calvin19987 for game art / gfx stuff. Credits to (myself) for using paint . net on the first 3 to make some cool stuff.

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From what I can see, it looks like a well designed game. The logo is intricate and well designed, I’d add your game name to your Game Icon as it might give players a better idea of what your game is about and furthermore develop a name brand. If your game preforms well I’d suggest upgrading your thumbnails a bit, but it all looks good! Just keep in mind players who join from sponsors will usually return to your game less then players who joined from an advertisement. But hey! Its your game, and as mentioned before every game is different and preforms differently, I’d highly suggest you conduct a market research period with your game to see what attracts the most players and revenue.

Okay. The problem with the icon is when I combine my avatar holding the sword and our game logo I think it looks weird. Let me show you what it would look like:

Yeah, it seems your Icon is separated in the following ways,

  • Layer 1: Blurred Game Image

  • Layer 2: Low Quality 3D Character Render

  • Layer 3: High Quality Logo

That may be the reason your combination looks a bit weird, GFX artists are usually experienced with combining layers and lighting properly properly. A small side note to, the lighting seems a bit uneven.

But don’t let this discourage you! You seem to have a cool game that can do well, I’m just trying to give you the most straightforward advice to further improve upon your games image.


Okay. The character render is higher quality but I added a glow. Is that why it looks low quality?
Also, the reason I blurred the background is I was trying to make the render stand out, however I will take your feedback into consideration. Thanks!

It might be the glow, while I’m not an artist this is the example of a decent render I always provide to my clients.


  • Render reacts to lighting of environment.

  • Joint movements.