Advertising VS Sponsering

Hey! Just wondering weather I should do advertising or sponsering and I’m wondering, which would you rather click on?



Thanks! :slight_smile:


Well, I mostly think you should do both.

  • More people would come.

@CheetahCatPaw23 Dang you beat me to it. Gg


But if you had to choose one which one would it be.

I would choose ad’s Sponsoring does not really do much more people would click on it.


You could do both, but from my experience ads bring in more play time and user interactions compared to sponsors.

Advertising is almost everywhere, and can come in many different shapes/forms and isn’t forced to be one thing. However, a good amount of roblox users have an ad blocker which is something to take in account. On the other hand, sponsors show up at game pages, have a chance to show up on the front page, (and I think they show up on all platforms?). Personally, comparing your two designs I’d choose sponsor, there’s a lot of space in your advertisement design that could be filled with eye grabbing detail.

Advertising is more of, you need to waste a crazy amount of Robux if you want your ad to be noticed due to the fact that there are thousands of advertisements being ran, and some have crazy amounts of Robux invested into them.

Sponsoring is meh, with 20k Robux on sponsoring, if you have a nice game icon, you’re promised 100 or so players. It was originally made for a player on his/hers phone or tablet, just scrolling through the games page for a game to play, and they’d most likely come across yours.

I’d recommend sponsoring, as I believe it brings in a lot more players.

If you’re not too sure, then I think you should just spend a little on both and see which one works out better for you.

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There are a lot of non accurate answers here,
Advertising can bring greater numbers with around 20K and appeals to PC gamers the most.
Sponsering needs a lot more money to be worthwhile but can reap the benefits, this appeals to a wider base of tablet phone and pc.

i would definitely recommend the sponsoring.

its less commpettitive, and seems offical.
haveing a good icon is almost gaurenteed to be joined as if it were on the front or second pages.

personally i would click either one if i saw it, but most likely the the sponsored one.

Based off my personal experience Ads are the way the go. I have tried sponsors a few times and I received less players compared to ads. The best part of ads is that they are everywhere, group pages, asset pages, etc. I would recommend ads. Also not everyday someone is looking for a new game to play.

Im not specifically looking at which is better overall, but which would YOU rather click out of the two. Thanks.