Advice for first Roblox game

Hi everyone. I have opened up access to my first game I have done on Roblox. This game is kinda based on Starcraft/Warcraft type defense games. I had to use a custom pathfinding algorithm to make it perform well enough with the amount of enemies it has, but overall I think the Roblox engine stood up well to what was required from it.

I’m looking for any advice on the gameplay, graphics, sound, etc to make the game more entertaining. I don’t really think these types of games are that popular but it was something I was interested in to just see what Roblox could do.


add a tutorial.
I don’t know how to play, so I can’t enjoy it.

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Ok so…

When I played the training ground, the enemies were too fast and too high health for my turrents to eliminate them. Nerfing them down would be great. Then after eliminating them in the first couple of lvls, they could start to go faster and powerful later on.


Would a video showing how to play it be enough or do you think there should be an in game tutorial ?

The point of the training ground is more about learning how to place the turrets, how they kill things, etc. But I agree maybe if they killed more things it would make more sense. Maybe instead of the training ground you could go to some automated system where you can watch a game in action with some highlights over the interface about what to do.

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i get stuck with the tower i selected, training is way too hard, i cant even deal 5% of life in the wave 1, i dont think this count, but i see the lobby need more detail.

apart from that, i think is good, but maybe you should give the player 2 starter turrets, a tutorial. and reduce the life of enemy in training.

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yes yes yes and yes. or maybe signs with decals of how to do basic things

It’s quite annoying how you have to wait for a long time to join a new game. You should allow people to spectate the game.
The training ground problem has already been mentioned, and I don’t see why you can’t just lower the enemies health. The concept of the training ground is cool, you shouldn’t change it in my opinion.

EDIT: Nevermind, I forgot about the shop. Which is really impressive.

Other than that, this game is cool and has lots of potential.


Yeah I noticed that waiting for a new game myself was a bit annoying. Like you say if they could teleport into the match (but not place turrets) then maybe it would solve some of the boredom of waiting. I should perhaps add another arena or do different match making also.

I have updated the game so that you can now join an ongoing game if its before round 5, and after that you can spectate. I will now work on making the lobby more appealing and some form of tutorial to help new people.

Some other changes from your guys feedback have been done too :- Dragon Defense Change Log

Something i discovered: The AI will try to evade the towers, with that, if you make a simple labyrinth, you can make the enemy to walk more, to give time to kill bosses. also, im currently playing trying to get the 2nd tower, if someone wanna play

that was my first attempt to confuse the ai, it didnt work but use towers as walls for a simple labyrinth, make bosses walk more. now this is a quality method, but it needs 2-4 people to be good i created a model for the shop, it looks a bit weird wood in a futuristic game

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I’m updating the game in a couple hours, moving it to a more dragon like setting with an out doors landscape for the battle and a cave for the lobby. So unfortunately that shop will no longer fit in :blush:

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okay, i was thinking more of a futuristic spaceship. but atleast you liked it? :slight_smile:

edit: i love the game, i got to wave 25 (sadly, the final boss killed the dragon :frowning:) i think the Voice actor for the dragon was in the round but idk if he is really that guy. also, could you add a leaderboard? or ads for the game, i like it but its boring to be solo or 2 people MAX.

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Yeah I’ll run some ads once everything has been smoothed over, I just wanted some feedback for what is missing and things like that first. So I’m quite happy that not many people are playing it right now.

I really like it. Maybe make the sprinting speed a bit slower, as the basic walkSpeed is higher than 16 already. Also the second wave is way too strong compared to the first wave.

the voice actor have 12k kills, he is a human? i have 4k by playing daily.

edit: put leaderboards, i want to know if people apart from you can complete the game.

me and the voice actor somehow ruined a server, reset character didnt worked. (he left to erase this server)

Haha is he a human? Yes, though I wish I could code a bot that good. :slight_smile:

It looks like it potentially bugged out on a loss? Could you describe what happened leading up to the bug happening?

edit The bug happened again I think on the active server and I could see why it was caused. When I moved the death sounds to be under an enemy part (so that the sound is 3d) I forgot to check to make sure the enemy part still existed before activating the sound. I’ll push that fix with the new lobby update.

you can fix it? nice, i think we losed like 10-20 gems but they are easy to get. also, can you change the system of money? (getting money per damage, not kills) like in tower battles. when i play with the voice actor i probably get 20% or less money

Solid work on the game so far, I’ve returned to play it a lot more than I would expect to for a DevForum game.