Dragon Defense Change Log

Ongoing Changelog for https://www.roblox.com/games/5501609009/Dragon-Defense

September 2 2020 - v0.66
  • Fixed issue with fire turret unable to hit skeletons, birds, dinosaurs, rats and the boss
August 20 2020 - v0.65
  • Fixed bug with boss being able to be killed with skills
August 20 2020 - v0.64
  • Fixed spectators being able to use their skills during battle
  • Fixed small bug in not checking house value
  • Fixed rare issue with dragon dying not properly cleaning up
  • Changed gem rate slightly
August 19 2020 - v0.63
  • Fixed issue with touch devices being unable to place a turret
  • Improved some font handling on lower resolution devices
  • Increased pink dragon difficulty to match the new dragon boosts
August 18 2020 - v0.62
  • Added custom health and mana bars to the gui, removed roblox health bar
  • Added explosive difficulty option. Enemies will now explode on death. You get 1.5x cash to cope with this challenge
  • Now show number of times completed on the stats page
  • Improved a number of turret/building placement issues
  • Improved lighting on building grid
  • Implemented personal dragon damage/range/speed boosts
  • Sometimes dragons now fart when feeding them
  • Fixed rare bug dealing with fire turret damage
  • Added XP and leveling up system
  • Added skill points and 4 skills. strength, intelligence, fireball and entangle
  • Added new character screen
  • Added some info about how to play the game into the game
August 15 2020 - v0.61
  • Fixed game passes bought outside the game were not being activated in the game
  • The dragon speech at end of round now doesn’t play the same speech two rounds in a row
  • Fixed issue with text scaling on round text
August 14 2020 - v0.60
  • Fixed issue when a player left and their avatar was still displayed
  • When dragons are created they now start off slightly well fed rather than in no growth
  • Added a tutorial. Completion of tutorial will give the user 20 gems and 100 kills
  • Added extra code to make sure there are no stuck gems
  • Made clicking the turret button stop placement mode for tablet and phone users
  • Now track number of times Pink Dragon easy and hard are completed
  • Reduced per level upgrade of turret range upgrades to 2% from 3%.
  • Changed a lot of UI to the arcade font
  • Added sniper turret. Long range, single powerful bullet that is good against armored enemies
  • Adjusted range of laser, fire and gun turret to fit better with sniper turret
August 11 2020 - v0.59
  • Now track total kills, total gems, time spent playing, max level for pink dragon easy and hard
  • Changed lobby to have a home for each player
  • Made training ground unaccessible due to changes needing to be made to add all the homes. May be brought back later
  • Added a unique pet dragon for each player, it can grow and even die. Feed it kills from the battle ground and it will give you bonuses to your turrets. If you don’t like the look of your dragon you can change it. It also joins you in your battles
  • Added blinking and a breathe effect for Pink Dragon, improved some of its modelling
  • Added ability to change pink dragon into other colors and materials for the pet handling
  • Fixed cyclic table reference in the server -> client caused by me being lazy. In turn it improves lag and bandwidth usage a lot during battles.
  • Reduced between round timer back to 5 seconds so that there is less pause in the action
  • Increased gem drop rate slightly from enemies
  • Increased boss levels gem give out
  • Changed the 25 and 100 gem purchases to 50 and 200 gems for the same amount of robux
  • Reduced final boss HP slightly
  • Fixed Pink Dragon growing on last round which sometimes caught people in its head
August 9 2020 - v0.58
  • Reduced boss HP to fit in better with the new easy mode
August 9 2020 - v0.57
  • Fixed enemy position bug
August 9 2020 - v0.56
  • Fixed some potential issues with saving player data
August 9 2020 - v0.55
  • Can now join games up until level 15 rather than level 5, otherwise you are a spectator
  • Gem position when spawned from a kill is now higher
  • Lowered gem drop rates for all enemies
  • The boss now delays one more second after doing explosions
  • Added ability to select between NIGHT and DAY for the battle
  • Added ability to select between EASY and HARD difficulty, made the default EASY and made it a bit easier than before. Gems are twice as likely to drop in hard mode than EASY mode
  • Fixed small bug with teleporters
  • Fixed two bugs that could cause game lockup
  • Fixed timing bug on character load
  • Stopped turrets from falling apart on battle failure to help server lag
August 8 2020 - v0.54
  • Fixed a few potential issues with saving user data
  • Properly wired up game passes and other purchases
  • Now save robux spent in user data
  • Fixed some placement issues in the lobby
August 8 2020 - v0.53
  • Added new underground cave lobby that makes it more obvious what to do
  • Fixed bug that didn’t check if an enemy’s part still existed that contains the death sound
  • Changed the day-night cycle so that the battle occurs mainly at night whilst still showing a transition period at the start
  • Improved lighting and fog on the battle ground
  • Made some adjustments to the in game interface for the upcoming help guide
  • Fixed Binary Divine into logo issue with global shadows
August 7 2020 - v0.52
  • Now wait 15 seconds rather than 10 after the game ends so that picking up the last gems is possible
  • Added new landscape for the defense to take place on, more dragon friendly
  • Reduced per level difficulty increase slightly
  • Changed camera transitions to match the new battle ground
August 6 2020 - v0.51
  • Changed gem floating range to make them easier to see if they are on top of turrets
  • If a game has started, you can still join it as long as it is before round 5
  • If you join a game from round 5 you can now spectate the game with the actual players
  • Changed gun turret armor bonus to be 2.5x higher
  • Reduced laser turret armor bonus slightly
  • Increased leveling difficulty by 12%
  • Fixed bug relating to player position if a player left Dragon Defense early
  • The game start wait period has changed to 20 seconds
  • Added version information to intro
  • Made training ground enemies easier to kill
August 5 2020 - v0.50

Initial Release