[Advice Needed] Reasonable Untracked Memory

How much Untracked Memory is too much?

I just patched a memory leak that was causing the game to increase Untracked Memory on the server indefinitely, causing the game to go up 1MB every 10 minutes, starting at 87MB.

After I fixed that I thought I’d go a step further and attempt to push it down below 80. But I just can’t seem to do it. I even tried to disabling all server scripts, and it still didn’t go down below 80. Then I tried uploading a new place, just a Baseplate, and it still refused to go below 80 even though there was nothing but a Baseplate and the core scripts.

I did all of these tests in-game, not in studio. I will link videos of me testing this down below. I haven’t had any Untracked Memory at all on the client.


Game with no server scripts:


Game with all scripts running and active:

So, my question is,

What is a reasonable amount of Untracked Memory before I should be concerned?

Thank you for your help!

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87MB of memory usage is fine. A concerning amount would probably be a much larger amount (maybe 500MB+). I believe servers have 4GB (it may be 8GB now I’m not sure) of memory so you shouldn’t worry.

If nothing you are doing is causing this, it’s probably something to do with core scripts.


Wow, 80 MB? A baseplate for me is about 80 mB! How did you get it so low? Or maybe you just have a good computer. I also think that the reason it cannot go down is because of your character, because anything can take up memory.

My game is 84-88MB on the server, 0 on the client for Untracked Memory as shown in the videos. It’s likely because I use my own core scripts. But I’m still not quite sure on what makes a good amount of Untracked Memory besides what @Brendan9287 said.