Albert story | All kind of developers needed

As mentioned earlier we have emailed him. If he does not permit us we can always chance the avatar and say that Albert is somebody else.

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Aw clothing designer isn’t here :frowning: I mean it makes sense lol

do you think he’s going to get every person named aleberts permission? who said it was about the youtubers Albert though?

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I would be careful with having the Roblox logo inside your logo.

He included albert’s character in the game logo. It is pretty clear it is about the youtuber Albert.


As many others have said before, I highly recommend raising % payment. I would take modellers and GFX artists off % completely and instead commission them.

30% - 45% on scripters.
30% - 35% on builders
10% for you for managing the project
10% goes to group funds for commissioning / advertising in the future


As @Tom_atoes said, your percentages are far too low for what you’re asking for and you won’t get any serious commitment from people on this forum from it.

GFX Designers generally will operate on a per-robux basis, so offering them a percentage is fairly odd (especially since you don’t really need frequent GFX design after launch)

What are you looking for? You’ve given no details on the skills that are needed, specialities, or even what your game is about.

Tell us about yourself - What are your previous achievements? What should make people want to work for you, and what makes you believe that you’ll be able to deliver good profits. Percentages are meaningless if there isn’t some trust that your game will succeed or you have a good track record of releasing good games.


I added you on discord, I’m a builder

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If you’re only giving 35% of the revenue to the people who helped make the game you should definitely be making at least half of this game yourself, probably more. Those percentages still need more raising.


Where is the 65% going too? 30 char

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I agree, I got hired by him with only 10%? He said he will raise based on how good we do.

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Interested sent a friend request on discord!

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Hello, I would like to apply for the builder role. Stranded Ocean#4377

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Hey, you said

I’m willing to pay in percentage

That makes it sound like you would prefer to pay in another way, is that the case ?

hey my name mastericyfire im interested in this job cause it looks good btw i am a builder and here is my discord jailbreak#7767

GFX artists get paid 5%? That’s too low, the quality of the GFX is the reason someone clicks on it. I think GFX artists are underpaid, if you just had the default game logo, I am not sure you’ll get as many views. GFX ARTISTS are the reason people click on the game, because the logo and all looks cool.

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yea 5% is low like 10% or 15% will be better

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5 percent isnt low. Read EllipticCurve’s reply. gfx designers dont need to get a percentage because they dont need to create gfx every now and then.

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I don’t think GFX artists should get a percentage, just a one-time pay since they don’t have to keep on making more GFXs. If you don’t have enough money to fund a project then why start one.

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I’m interested. I have DMed you on discord.

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