Albert story | All kind of developers needed

Hi! I’m very interested in the GFX Designer position. My portfolio: My Discord is Ryder.#9784

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(mandatory I am not a lawyer disclaimer)

It’s absolutely necessary to get Albert’s permission. This isn’t a fair use of his brand and the copyrighted material associated with it. Would you like someone making money off of your ideas?

You can be sued for every penny you make from this game (and some) if you don’t have some licensing agreement from Albert.


I’ll be contacting you though Discord,

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This post seems a bit weird. Here are my questions,

  1. Do You Have Backup Payment?
  2. Why Can’t You Do Upfront?
  3. What Percentage Are You Taking And What Exactly Are You Doing?
  4. If You Continue With This Game And It Gets Takendown Due To Copyright Issues And Albert Not Giving Permission, How Would You Compensate The Developers?

I am a modeler add me on discord carter#7746

Hello! You can view my portfolio here. I see that graphic designers will earn 5% so you can ignore the prices, hope to hear from you soon!

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Just need to clear a few things up. Will you be contributing to the game or are you like a ‘Development Leader’ my only reasoning for this is 35% of the money made is going to the development team, meaning 65% of the money is going to you. Just curious.


I’ll script but those percentages are mighty low, what about scripter 50+, gfx 5 percent, builder 20-30, modeler 10-15, and you can have the rest, you cant call yourself head developer if you aren’t contributing to the game.


You added me on discord but aren’t responding, I am NB#1313

im an animator. do you need one?

What exactly will you be doing for the project?

Lol definitely not bias because you’re an artist. GFX may be the reason why people click on the game, but it’s certainly not the reason why people continue playing. I also agree with @VortexD3V. People will only really update their game icon if like its a holiday update or a huge update.

Hello. My Roblox username is 4EHE I could be your model maker
(I make and script models)
10% is fine payment for me.
I have checked out other development groups before but none of them were very serious, so I’m hoping that this is a legit one. Thanks!
My Discord is: Gamepop#2759 (Send me a friend request if you dare >:D )
Edit: I have sent a friend request on Discord

sent a friend request to you on discord for builder role

Thanks for the heads up! Still waiting for my friend request to be accepted via Discord.

UI designer
Portfolio here: [OPEN] UI Designer/2d Artist Portfolio | CursedTxrtle

Only 5%-10%…? That’s way too low.


I might be interested in becoming a graphic desginer for your game. I’ll DM you, CallMeLee#0024.