Alien Land Preview Showcase

I’m looking for feedback on an Alien Planet Landscape that I created. Should I keep working on it, or should I scrap it/start over?

Alien Planet concept came from Disney’s Avatar

Screenshots caught in 4k 📸 (Without FX, freecam)

Screenshots with FX (player perspective)

Overall, the rest of the map is pretty empty, but if the community likes it, I will keep working on it! :'D


If you need closer perspectives, just comment it! :wink:

i really like this little cartoony world, reminds me of egg hunt 2017! i see the portal, but where are the aliens? think that’d be a nice detail to add. good work! :slight_smile:

Well that’s going to be part of the gameplay, I did state that this was just a mini-showcase.

I mean… I am good at creating stuff similar to that egg hunt.

wow this games cool too! thats a little funny tho XD

Not too sure about the gameplay, but I’m planning on using this for a showcase and a shooter game. The showcase version will be free roam without anyone actually shooting you.

I’m planning on finishing this map up soon if the feedback is positive! I’ll be back online in a bit to check feedback, from there I will decide! ^-^

… And this time I’m planning on rewarding everyone who provides critical feedback on this post (positive or negative) with a special item!

i think its missing some high tech stuff like a base or ship of some kind as an alien world, but it can be an alien planet without tech if you want (some films or games do that, im assuming the stuff will be added in the shooter version) (sorry if this sounds mean or repetitive of previous posts). and what?!?! wdym by “special item!” ?!?!?!?!?!?!

It’s just a barebone map, I didnt want to keep working on it until I got feedback. It’s also suppose to be more of an alien land rather than ships and high tech stuff, that will most likely be a different part of the map.

ohhhh! cool, i cant wait to see how this will come along!

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:warning: Please note that most of the detail here is currently minimized, I’m planning the ideas and the story of the land. More detail will be added and certain areas will be revamped or revised accordingly.

“Forest of Lights” - Updated with corruption effects that paint a story.

“Corrupted Forest” - A new area, and the reason the Forest of Lights is corrupted!

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