Align Tool Preview Release

I love you Roblox. This is so amazing :smiley: Can’t wait to start using this right away.

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Is this whats supposed to happen?
Edit: also clicking the X button does nothing
another edit: it works now I had to restart my studio twice
omg another edit: now its not working again

This is a very great update! My inner perfectionist is definitely satisfied with this update.

I see this being a big help to me and other builders. Good job!

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This is a great new feature! Will definitely be using this to line up things in Studio!

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Finally, I don’t need to struggle.

Best update I’ve seen yet! Good job!

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Roblox just keeps better and better

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This is cool and all (even if it’s unlikely to be used by me with what I tend to make), but when I clicked this, I was hoping for a tool that would be an easy way to get rid of pesky 0.001 stud increment misalignments as well as the ability to clean up sloppy rotations that aren’t in increments of 5 degrees (which is the lowest I bother going rotation-wise).

Another suggestion I have is to make it so that disabling VR mode in the client ingame settings works all of the time, and not half of the time. If I turn it off, then I expect the client to know that I don’t intend on playing in VR mode; but that’s not 100% reliable from my personal experience.

We are considering a number of ways to tighten up the UI - including using a vertical layout for checkboxes and radio buttons at narrow widths.

The parts’ new position don’t register when they’re moved while still selected. Of course, after deselecting and reselecting, the problem doesn’t happen. So, is this intentional or a bug?

That looks like a bug. Thanks for the video demonstrating the behavior. Can I DM you for additional information if needed?


Hell yea, just made my life easier when the builders don’t wanna align stuff o.o


Same here man, looking forward to using this.


I probably won’t be using this for several reasons. This tool brings more window bulk to my Studio Interface especially because my monitor isn’t that big. I think it would just be easier to use the standard move tool to align stuff since it feels a bit less complicated this way.

I am speaking for myself cause I don’t have as severe OCD as the rest of y’all :sunglasses:

A few questions;

  • Will we be able to link hotkeys to toggle the window?

  • Will we be able to link hotkeys to specific alignment actions without opening the window?


Finally! I have wanted this for so so so so so long! Excited to start using it in my builds!

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That’s so cool!

Now my only wish is that I won’t have to rely just on the widget, and that I will be able to use keyboard shortcuts instead.

I also don’t like that widget. It feels overcomplicated to me. It could be a lot smaller, and smarter about using screen space and the distribution & look of the buttons.

With my current Studio layout, the content of the widget doesn’t fully fit within its boundaries. I need to sacrifice screen space and my own custom layout to see it fully:

I made a my own version of it that I think would be much friendlier to the eye and would make more sense:

alignwidgetv2 vs alignwidget
yes, I used Blender UI… also, I forgot to make either “Selection Bounds” or “Active Object” highlighted, since they can’t be both disabled :l


My OCD Before this: :scream:
My OCD After this: :crab:

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Honestly as a builder, that seems like more work then just moving all the blocks
The only time I can see using this is for aligning a large, and capitol large, amount of objects, and for some reason I am modeling on a backdrop of un-locked parts.

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This is honestly going to save so much time with things like symmetrical builds and smaller modelling projects! Gone are the days of setting move distance to 0.125 and entering random numbers into position in vain!
This looks amazing feature and I can’t wait to give it a try

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Thank you I tested it out and it works greatly. The only thing that bothers me is when we align on the X axis parts go into each other. Is it something to do about me or is it a bug?

THANK YOU! This feature helps me a lot!

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Didn’t expect this feature coming in the studio, this will be so helpful for building, especially modeling.

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We currently ignore collisions, but that is a known limitation that we will address before broad release.