Align Tool Preview Release

We’re excited to announce a preview release of our new Align tool. This tool is designed to make it fast and easy to align a group of objects so that you don’t have to worry about precise dragging or any precision alignment errors.

To access this tool, in the Ribbon bar, go to Plugins > Align Tool.

To Use:

  1. Select the objects to align
  2. Decide if you want to align relative to the selection bounds or to the active object
    A. The active object is the last-selected object in the selection
    B. To switch active objects, click on a different currently-selected object
  3. Pick if you want to align to the minimum bound, center, or maximum bound
  4. Pick the axis (or axes) you want to align to
  5. Click Align

If Join Surfaces is enabled, Studio will automatically create welds for any parallel, touching surfaces after the alignment is finished.

Here are examples of the Align tool in action, including basic alignment and examples of using the Align tool to help with modeling.

Basic Alignment:

Aligning With An Active Object:

Using the Align Tool to Place a Shelf:

Using the Align Tool to Center Details to Other Parts:

There are two known limitations with this preview release:

  • World-space-only alignment. Currently the Align tool only aligns in world space, not local space.
  • Collisions are ignored. When aligning objects, the Align tool ignores any collisions options and can cause objects to intersect.

We’d love to hear your feedback about this tool! Please let us know how we could improve it in the comments below.

Kudos to the team that made this happen: @LuckyKobold and @WengaWenga


Amazing! Glad to see that roblox is finally coming out with a ton of new features to make life easier for all builders. This was one of those updates that I didn’t even know I wanted until now, keep up the great work!


WHOA! I did not see this coming onto Roblox today with a lot of new updates and stuff, this one has to be one of the best ones yet.

This can benefit many builders on the platform and save their time scaling and aligning parts, but being precise for parts is better than spending countless minutes or hours aligning parts with just a click of some buttons.


Wow this is really nice, I can’t wait to use it in the future. It’ll be super helpful for hallway corners and things of that nature.


Woah, that will help a lot with future stuff. Me, and a lot of other developers will be looking forward to seeing what else has yet to come.

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My OCD approves.

My OCD approves a lot.


There’s so many updates today, did not see this one coming! Wow.
Precision building is literally going to get so much easier and so much more accurate!

Debunking the myths of OCD / Boing Boing

Now we can get really, really precise without having to deal with the coordinates of a part.

The perfectionist, OCD me can finally thrive in this world of 5 decimal point modeling.

I was making an AC for a community project and it had bolts on all four corners, just like this image had. It took forever trying to get the coordinates right to line it up just right.

Now this very useful tool can help solve that problem, whenever I want to align anything, anywhere, anytime in the studio.

Hold up.

Sir, that wood grain is so bad, I’m surprised it hasn’t broken yet. You need to retake this entire video.


Woah! I always wanted this to happen. Not keeping things aligned was annoying me a lot.By the way are we allowed to use it rn?

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Yes! You might need to restart Studio to see it. This is available to everyone, but we want to collect feedback and issues before we promote it from its “Preview” status in the Plugins tab to the regular Model tab.


The perfectionist in me is sated. Really look forward to the final result.


So this means that I can now avoid having to deal with positioning dealing with less than 0.001 stud differences to align bricks?

My OCD thanks you.


This is great!

I align with this tool (OMG that was such a stupid pun).

Anyways, the contents get cropped here; the minimum dock widget size is lower than what is needed to fit it horizontally.


I don’t want to extend this horizontally to save space for my viewport, so if, instead, the “relative to” were filled vertically, then that would be great!

However, I’ve ran into an issue:

The parts’ new position don’t register when they’re moved while still selected. Of course, after deselecting and reselecting, the problem doesn’t happen. So, is this intentional or a bug?

Although I emphasized the Active Object button in the video, I noticed now that it happens with Selection Bounds as well.

Other than that, this is so great! I feel in-line with parts (man, I really have a pun problem).
Keep it up, Roblox! :roblox: :roblox_light:


More tools like this please!

Although there are a lot of plugins that can be used for anything, it would be great if by default Roblox Studio has all the tools that a builder needs. It would also make life easier for those who do not use plugins.

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No amount of align tools in the world will fix that wood grain though.


To all starter builders out there: USE THE ALIGN TOOL!!!

This tool is gonna be great! I should be using it often when I am building :slight_smile: When I need to align walls and stuff… now it won’t be a pain

Even in quarantine, you are still giving great updates! Keep up the good work!


As useful as this tool looks, it also seems like more of a pain than just doing the math and setting my increment in SBS to the required number to center a an object or whatever. Seems like a lot of work just to align an object.

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I’m very glad to see this being implemented in Studio! I’ve always had issues when I need to align certain things when building! This is definitely gonna be a helpful feature for builders!

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Amazing new feature! This will save builders lots of time when it comes to aligning objects. Thank you!

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My god… @WoodReviewer is gonna be real mad about this grain.

Jokes aside, I think that this tool will really help lots of builders allign objects easier, my OCD wouldn’t approve of un-alligned objects at all, this tool aims to help deal with that. I hope that it will help people EVEN MORE when we can allign in local space.


I’d be more excited it the tool came with a Resize Align option. I mean don’t get me wrong I love the plugin but less 3rd party plugins installed, the lesser chance of getting a possible back door into our games.