All players losing connection at the same time randomly

I’ve recently just updated my game so it would be more fun for players to play the game, however, seemingly at random times my game simply just disconnects everyone at once. I’ve monitored things in the debug profiler and I cannot find anything that could be causing it whether it be an infinite loop or something else.

A few times I saw a significant spike in my games DataHandler before the crash, but other times there was no spike at all and it still crashed. Can anyone help me pinpoint what’s going on here?

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Could you share the DataHandler script here?

Sure thing.



But like I said, I can’t really link the data handler to the random crashes. I’m not sure if it’s causing any at all.

What’s the memory usage looking like in game?

nothing critical. Crashes range from 1000 to 6000 memory usage

Can you link your game please?

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Alright, I just got disconnected, and I believe that a remote event is causing this. When I looked in the console right before it crashed, it showed that there was a remote exhaustion. Perhaps check through all your remote events and make sure they aren’t being spammed?

Ok, I will try this. By the way, here’s some crash info I got.

Like I said, nothing out of the ordinary

5000 mb memory usage on the server? That is not normal at all. And the script rate of 13,000 is not normal either. This is definitely caused be a memory leak, look into what is causing the memory leak on the server.

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Maybe I do have a memory leak, but it was like this before and my game wasn’t crashing so I don’t think it’s the issue.

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Ok never mind its 100% a memory leak of some kind. I can see the timer pausing followed by a huge spike in memory by 500 mb or so

It seems to be the data handler : P

So the memory leak is in data handler. Do you see anywhere that could cause a leak?

Might be caused by the amount of for-loops, maybe adding a task.wait() in the middle could fix it?

Check the server console for the script thats taking up the most memory

Update: both Lua Heap & DataHandler are skyrocketing at random intervals shown here:

I’m going to try disabling some of the datahandlers functions and seeing what’s causing it

Check for instances that aren’t destroyed and variables that aren’t being cleaned up after use.

This might be caused by QuickNetwork itself, have you tried ProfileService?

Solution: QuickNetwork is bad. Profile Service is better.

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