All WeldConstraints and Motor6Ds suddenly disappeared while in Studio session

Reproduction Steps
Operating system: Windows 10
Browser: Google Chrome

Expected Behavior
I expect for all the welds not to disappear!

Actual Behavior
I was in Studio, working on a tricycle motorcycle with suspension and a steerable front fork. It’s been building and testing fine for a week.
I had a Motor6D in place to turn the front fork left and right, and many WeldConstraints in the chassis Parts of the model.

I keep my Studio>Model>Show Welds, Constraint Details, and Draw on top buttons on (visible) while building and I noticed while building that the green lines that indicated my WeldConstraints suddenly disappeared. I didn’t look at my Explorer window to look for the welds since I’ve never had them disappear before. I thought it was a visual glitch, so I tried using Test>Run to see if they would appear again, but my model fell apart when I hit the Run button. I hit Stop and that’s when I noticed no welds in my Explorer window, and an error message in Output that said "Motor is not a valid member of Part “Workspace.Suspension car.Car.Steering.Steer”, referring to the missing Motor6D.

The model has 3 Anchored Parts to keep everything aligned and they have a wait(2) in the SteerScript then become Unanchored after the script loads.

HingeConstraints, Attachments and other Constraints don’t seem to be affected.

I also saw a post in the forums about a month ago concerning what seems to be the same issue:

I can’t see any way to work around the issue other than manually adding the 35-40 WeldConstraints and the Motor6D back to the Model.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Very Rarely
Date First Experienced: 2021-07-22 23:07:00 (-07:00)
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Do you have any plugins enabled that might be related to building?

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If you used Archimedes at all on the model then that would explain what happened. There was a weird studio bug a while back where welds would cause weird behavior in studio when dragging things, so Archimedes kind of just nukes your welds whenever you attempt to arc something.

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Strange, I’ve been using Archimedes for years on vehicles with Welds and never had it happen before.
Would it only happen in the model you are working on, or would it toast all Welds in Studio?

Should only be the model that you’re working on, so if you didn’t actually use Archimedes on the model that has the problem then it wasn’t Archimedes.

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