Allow "administrator" rights for someone in your Group


As a Roblox developer, it is impossible to share ownership with another in a group or employ critical group rights.

The problem

I am the other owner for a group, but since Roblox can’t have two owners for a group, I’m placed under a lower rank than owner, where I am unable to;

  • Set group icon
  • Set group description
  • Create/delete roles
  • Utilize group funds
  • Add social links

The list goes on.
Despite having every option of my role checked, I lack these powers and potentially more.
The lack of administrative rights causes problems that could easily be solved from such, that for example, if the owner is unable to get on Roblox, and action is needed that falls in the hand of an owner’s group powers, what happens? This is why I propose the idea of this thread.

Administrator Rights

I actually wish something like this could be proposed, but I feel like this can be too problematic.

This idea is setting someone as administrator, NOT by role nor actual group holder itself.

As the group holder, there will be options to add administrators within the group admin settings, up to a maximum, perhaps. You’ll get a warning prompt, hopefully. By doing so, it falls into the responsibility of you. You can see why when you read the Discord example.

Currently the group holder is of By 'username', as you could see here.

Administrator names appear under of the By 'username', with a default message of Administrated by: 'username', 'etc', ... which Administrated by could be changed by the group holder’s will to other messages like Other owners: ... or some sort.

Like, this.


Though, “By username” is very vague by itself. It does not always imply singular ownership. It should be Group held by 'username'.

Group administrators share the same rights and power as the group holder could. They are able to make/delete group roles, set group icon, payout. Except one other power, which is to get removed as Group Administrator, only the group holder can access.

If the group holder gets terminated temporarily; and yes, this could be unintentionally from being wrongly moderated, any of the group administrators can easily still manage the group.

If the group holder gets terminated permanently for some wrong on his/her side, the administrator has the right to take the group as holder.

  • Remember, this is not by role! Another thing I’d wish though, is this, to put multiple people in the owner rank but only one really is the group holder.

Well, what happens if I set someone as administrator and then he takes all my group funds and runs away? And customer support can’t do anything about it?

Well, I just clearly stated that its your own responsibility. Customer support is right about your own responsibility, that’s why they reject a restoration of R$. If you can’t trust him, don’t set him as administrator.

What is a scenario that parallels to this?

If you look in Discord,

There’s an administration switch for a role like this.

When someone gets administrator, they are able to essentially moderate the server as an the server owner could do. But the server owner, who set the role with Administrator option to the person, should be knowledgeable that its his/her responsibility if the person does something awry.

But instead of a role, like in Discord, its just a granted right to a specific person.


Administrator rights can really benefit groups with multiple owners, or an owner with a very trustable high rank. Like, Badimo, for example. And for my case as well. Ultimately, this could owe a great convenience for the Roblox group utility.