Multiple group owners

Would it be possible to make some way to have more than one group owner? I’m currently working on a game with @Partcline in the same group, though people only recognize me as the owner, since I have the owner rank.

Additionally, despite Partcline having maximum permissions in the group, the game does not display the badge next to his name in the player list. Could it possibly be allowed to have more than one group owner?


Ethan requested this a while back too. I agree – sometimes members don’t need to know who owns the group, and they only need to see that they’re one of the developer of the game.

I’d imagine this could be made most useful by having a publicly assigned rank and then one or multiple hidden ranks that only the owner can see. For instance, I could reserve the right to exile people for myself to prevent people from abusing it, but I could give it to my most trusted friend in the rank below me instead of the whole rank to make sure it never got abused. I could either give his hidden rank that permission or add the “CanExile” rank to him if we’re able to assign multiple.


This is already in development and has been tested on the site. Shouldn’t be too long until it’s released to the public.


Although this may be the case for Fracture I am not sure it’s a feature that’s actively being developed. I managed to pull it off with an old bug that I believe has since been patched.

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The way I see it, a feature like this would only appeal to a handful of developers, and anyone who bought a group for their friend. I don’t believe these are strong enough use cases for this feature to be seriously considered.

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So, anyone that has edit privileges in a group should receive an ingame creator badge inside that group’s games? As development shifts more and more towards group based development, this sounds reasonable.

Multiple owners sounds like a hassle. How do you accept a new owner? How do you kick someone once they’re an owner? Sounds like a lot of unnecessary conflicts could arise. If there are features that owners have that you want non-owners to be able to use, list those!

Ideally the internal owner would remain the same person with superpowers, but there would be the option to remove the real owner’s name from “owned by: x” and make the owner appear in the next-highest rank in the dropdown. I can’t think of a reason that the non-owners would need to know who has super owner powers, so that should work fine.


I like that. I always end up making myself “Developer” and the other devs "Developer " (space). Would be neat to hide yourself from that rank.

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I agree - the purpose of creating this topic was mainly to have it be known that a game has more than one developer; whether that would require multiple owners or not isn’t really what matters.


As we know, many games have two owners that create a studio. I personally think there should be a system in place to specifically mark someone as a co-owner. If you are marked as a co owner, you will get the place owner badge in group games just as an owner would.

A Co-Owner position would also open up a lot of trust issues within the community. As co-owners, you would make decisions together. If you wanted to add someone to a percentage payroll it would have to be approved by **both ** people. And If you wanted to adjust or remove someone’s percentage, both parties would need to agree. The point of this feature is to give an option for groups to have more than one owner. Any co owner would have the ability to do anything a current owner has the ability to do.

Finally, a co-owned group will have two creators. For example, currently If user “Roblox” makes a group and has a co owner of Shedletsky, it will only display “Roblox” as the creator of the group. What I propose through this system is for the title of owning the group can be shared if a co owner is present. It would be something like this: “Creator(s) : Roblox and Shedletsky”. Currently if you click on the user who created the group, it will lead you to their profile. This system would follow the same pattern, just that the two names would be separate under creators each with their individual link to profile.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it will allow more reason for a co-owned group, fix a lot of trust issues between developers, and provide much needed credit.


Hi I am spidy123222 and As a Roblox group co-owner with my friend it’s currently impossible to do everything my friend (The owner) can do in group for example I cant do payouts or manage percentages.

Info about my group: My group is a development group that makes games and having a co-owner helps manage wile the owner is gone or inactive. Having such a role will help the owner of the group.

If Roblox would be able to address this it would make my role of a co-owner be much more helpful to the owner.

What would be a thing is to have a perm that has the ability to manage payouts. These perms would have to be decided from the owner to give perms like that to lower ranks if it gets abused so it would be owners fault for giving them such a ability.

It’s 2023 now, and this hasn’t been added yet. I’m having the exact same issue. We aren’t able to rank people quickly since one single person cannot do it that fast.


now it’s 2024 :(_ still not on the website

almost 10 years of requesting a simple feature. roblox has failed to listen to their community once again