Allow AnimationController to be used from a LocalScript

Okay so ROBLOX’s AnimationController class is definitely being underutilized.

It’s honestly a hindrance to development, not being able to use this in a LocalScript.
Unless the wiki is just old, but this is what it currently states:

AnimationControllers work fine both on the server and locally. I think what the wiki is trying to say is that if you’re using server sided NPCs you should also play the animations from the server to avoid conflicts between clients trying to control the NPCs animations. If you’re using FE that doesn’t really matter though… The wiki page might need some clarification.


To add onto this, it seems to depend if the AnimationController was instanced by the server or the client.
If the server was the one to create the controller, the animations will replicate. However if each client creates their own controller/humanoid for the model, it will not replicate to all clients.


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