Allow animations to be additive

Additive animation is a powerful feature showcased in other game development engines, but it is something that Roblox lacks. I’m here on behalf of many developers who would greatly benefit from this addition.

Additive animation differs from blended animation in the sense that two animations can directly add onto each other to combine into a new animation, rather than blended animation simply mixing the two into an interpolated one.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

And another:

Hope to see this in Roblox!


Huge support for this. Tired of using my own clunky system for something that should be built in to Roblox.


Really hope this becomes something that ROBLOX developers can use in the future; it’d save a lot of time for scripters. and animators. Huge support.


Support! Currently I am trying to get Roblox IK and animations to play nicely, and I think that additive animations would be perfect for this.

Edit: Now that I think about it, in my case it makes more sense for there to be an additive option for IK, not animations… but I still support this cool feature request!

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I’m in favor of additive animations as well. I’m sick of my character floating in the air when I pull out my minigun and then begin crouching.