Allow ContentProvider to load Animations that are "Public Domain"

ROBLOX, to make this brief, I think it’s time we had an update to animations where if they’re set for users to take, the client will load the animation without any trust issues meaning you don’t have to own the animation to load and play it. However if the animation is not for the taking, the client will not load and play the animation if the game’s owner doesn’t own the animation. I’m really looking forward to publish some free models which depend on ROBLOX’s animation system, however I can’t with this setback. Honestly I kinda want this behavior for other assets too (Audio? Meshes?).

Also it’s next to impossible to configure your animations to become free for the public. What’s so bad about that? Well, if you delete your animation from your inventory (either someone getting into your account or by accident) then it’s impossible to actually get it back if you haven’t saved the animation itself via the editor.

I know this request has been suggested before a good while back, but I just want to shed some more light on this. What do you think? What are your pros and cons to this?


(Instead of making a new thread - )

Is there any reason why animations cannot be made public like models, decals and meshes? It’s nearly impossible to publish some free scripts with animations or use these across multiple places (under a different owner) without needing to upload everything over and over.