Allow Creator Marketplace to have further Filters

Roblox continuously has been improving and creating tons of features that allow creators to easily manage and administrate their projects and other areas to engage with the global community they made along the way. Essentially, for the new-incomers that would like to begin with constructing in the engine “Roblox Studio”, but would like to purchase products to guide during the under-development progress of the experience, they first go to the Creator Hub > Creator Marketplace (previously known as Library in 2020).

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to locate new products designed by the official team of the Roblox company and those that have contributed to making safe + well-known models through the years that most users purchase to help for their projects. If we currently go to the primary website of the platform, go to create and select the section “Creator Marketplace”, it will transfer us to the new page. However, as going through the filters, developers are only allowed to see one category to mark in the box if they would like to choose unverified creators, all creators, and only Roblox:

Independent of being through Models till Videos, it will still remain the same… Furthermore, as an extra, it is quite hard to identify whichever creators are unverified as none of them has (on the right side of their usernames) the verified badge as hovering your cursor in one of the models:

(This happens as well if we go to the Roblox Studio application, open our project/a Robox open-source sandbox and go to the Toolbox tab)

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I (and other developers) would have the flexible capacity to check recent products not just only in the trending area and/or categories (both are essentially limited to tracking more things), and yes through also filters based on the genre, such as:

  • Adventure;
  • Building;
  • Comedy;
  • Fighting;
  • FPS;
  • Horror;
  • Medieval;
  • Naval;
  • RPG;
  • Sci-Fi;
  • Sports;
  • Tower and City;
  • Western.

Moreover, it would contribute to locating inappropriate materials that were uploaded and reporting them to the Moderation/Trust & Safety team.



Really appreciate the feedback. Improvements to sorts and filters are definitely on our radar and the Creator Marketplace team hopes to make strides in this area as soon as possible.

In the interim, I wanted to call out a feature that may address 1 of your concerns. As the default on creator marketplace is now content from ID/Phone verified creators, we do not show the ID verified badge. However, unverified creators now have a badge next to their username that shows that they are unverified. This is available on both studio and web surfaces of Creator Marketplace.

Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 3.38.50 PM


Heya, @crayzdesi4 !

Following up on your context of yours in regards to showcasing a badge for those that are unverified creators, I searched for a product created by a non-verified Roblox player, and it does show in both the Studio engine and interface at the Creator Marketplace’s website:

Furthermore, why does not show a badge for those that have verified via ID/Phone/both? This verification system for the market zone has been out ever since December 2021:

However, nothing was modified once users did so. If it continues to be not visible, it is going to show that all users are untrustworthy in publishing creations and selling them. This includes as well as the official Roblox account (that represents the company as a whole):

I agree. Many users might think that no checkmark means unsafe. I think if you verified by id then you get one, phone you don’t since it’s easier to attach a phone to your account.

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Quite odd that those who verified their account via ID did not get the statement as being a verified creator… I have my Roblox account purely verified, yet when going to the Creator Marketplace in both Website and Studio, it does not show in the corner a badge, just emptiness:

Again, this can lead to the perspective of new users thinking that all of the creations being published through the market (independent of being a model until audio) will be malicious. Not only the developers but as well as the official Roblox account:

I certainly believe that we should have a badge with the same icon from our Talent Hub’s page indicating we are safe users publishing projects while distributing to the Creator Marketplace.

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We announced in August 2022 about the changes to verification and received a lot of feedback about continuing to show the ID/Phone Verified Badge, as users may take that to mean a guarantee of quality. As such, we shifted to only showing the unverified badge for those users who have not ID or Phone verified.

Hope this clarification helps! We’ll definitely investigate more ways to make it clear to new users what the default safety settings for marketplace are. Appreciate the feedback!

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