Improving Trust & Safety in the Creator Marketplace

Trust and safety are vital to the Creator Marketplace ecosystem, and we are proud to announce three improvements that will help both developers and asset creators.

More relevant results

First, we are reworking our search and sort ranking algorithms to boost original assets that are most helpful to developers. You should notice more relevant results in the coming weeks, which will make the Marketplace easier for everyone to explore. As part of this change, we have removed a few sorting options. Stay tuned for more updates in 2022.

Verified Creators


Next, we are making it easier to identify assets from creators who have been ID-verified. Starting soon, you’ll see a shield icon in Studio next to creators who have verified their identity with Roblox. Eventually, we will use this as another tool to boost creations from real developers. Identity verification is a simple and quick process. You can find instructions on how to get your badge here.

Script Visibility

We have heard an increasing amount of feedback about models that include scripts that do not behave as expected or may be unwanted. As of this week, Studio will let you know when a model you insert includes one or more scripts.

With this, you’ll also be able to right-click the model in explorer to disable them. In January, we’ll also add a visual indicator so you can identify which models include scripts directly from the grid view.

Asset integrity is a top priority for us, and we are continuously making improvements to keep developers safe. We look forward to sharing even more Creator Marketplace improvements in 2022. Huge thanks to everyone on the team who helped make these improvements happen: @Mr_Purrsalot, @FriendlyAdder, @applepinecake, @iMightBeLying, @tsliceXLB, @StickOmega1, @Nosniv42, @tubin_tubs, @nopslide and @QuantumOrbital!


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Incredible update. Excellent addition to security.

I will never fall victim to backdoor virus scripts again thanks to this.

Nor will small developers who use free models just for fun.

The Disable Scripts feature is useful too.

My only question is why you removed the filters for the marketplace.


can there be a button to disable scripts from that prompt


The disable scripts context menu option is wonderful, but please do consider adding an option right on the modal itself so we can insert the model with scripts disabled right away. That would be a whole lot more helpful and place clicks right in front of us rather than need to do it afterward.

Love the commitment towards trust and safety with these updates!


Does this verification change the search algorithm so that verified creators show before non-verified creators?


Not very helpful for more experienced developers who do not use free models. However, for the smaller developers or people just looking for fun, this is an excellent addition and is long overdue.


this will be very useful against model viruses and fake admin scams, nice


I’m glad to see the library getting some much needed attention, but I have some questions.

Do you have any plans to bring back the “Sort By” filters by any chance? In my opinion, it’s stupid to remove them when they can be improved on.

Also, will you add an option to filter out audio created by roblox? It’s VERY annoying when I search in the library and 90% of the results are roblox audios, which are often irrelevant to what I’m looking for.


The security upgrade for the library is really good, but can you make the search function more accurate?

And can there be a way to verify ourselves besides Age Verification given that most developers are uncomfortable doing that?


Absolutely love this!

As someone who quite often helps other developers find & remove backdoors, this is a huge help for them and myself. Malicious script developers rely on the lack of information and knowledge in order to take advantage of other game developers.

Excited to hear any more news regarding these systems in 2022, keep up the great work!


I’m glad this topic is finally being dealt with the number of viruses that creators put in their models just to gain access to a game is wrong.

Will you guys be adding checkmarks on profiles as well or just in the toolbox?


I appreciate the work and effort going into this update but just because someone verified their identity doesn’t mean the model they created is safe. Using indicators such as if the model has scripts is far more important than labels that show a user is verified. I also disagree with the idea that creations by verified users should be boosted by the algorithm; moderation history, place visits, account age, and time spent on Studio should all be taken into consideration.

Additionally, there should be an explanation mark (or other warning symbol) on a model if it contains “require(number)”, “getfenv()”, “loadstring()”, or any mentions to HttpService as this is how malicious content gets into games. This doesn’t necessarily mean the script is dangerous, instead, it warns the user of the model to check all scripts to ensure these functions are being used the right way.

And as always, thanks to the wonderful staff who worked on this update.


This will be very helpful in the future. I just had a friend banned because one of the free models they put in their game had a virus that could get them terminated. I wish this feature came much sooner than it did to be honest.



Couldn’t disagree more.

Agreed because of alts.

I disagree.

  • You can be experienced at scripting without spending a lot of time in Studio
  • Some people can spend days in Studio trying to come up and make malicious scripts.

This is an incredible step towards a safer, more fair and more efficient workflow, thanks a ton!

Beside the implementation, I also would like to thank you for acknowledging that this issue exists. It’s something we have missed for years, and it’s good to see those major brand improvements :tada:


Will this update warn you if there’s unwanted scripts from models in the marketplace in your game already?


Good point, I was thinking time spent in Studio so the toolbox would show more experienced developers. Unfortunately, experienced doesn’t mean trustworthy sometimes so I’m glad you brought that up.


My response to others who have replied so far

Thats a great idea. It would make things much easier.

I hope it doesn’t but they should give developers the option to sort out of the unverified creators, just like what they did in the Talent Hub.

If you look closely at the OP, it prompts you with a warning when a free model has scripts in it.

Couldn’t agree more.

I completely agree. I feel like they made a bad decision to remove the sort options.


For the prompt informing that there are scripts in the model, could you add an option to automatically open the scripts when the model is inserted? This would help locating the scripts to determine if they are malicious or not.