Allow developers to change how steep of a slope Pathfinding Service will consider pathable

As a Roblox developer, it is currently to hard to make characters pathfind naturally using Pathfinding Service. Due to the fact that you cannot change the way the character pathfinds to ignore steep slopes, characters using Pathfinding Service tend to take unnatural climbs up steep slopes that appear unrealistic for a human to climb.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because the pathfinding AIs in my game could search for paths that players would be able to take, balancing the AIs and making them look more natural.


There’s a Property of Humanoids called MaxSlopeAngle. Does this make any difference or does it just make the Humanoid unable to travel over the path.

Either that or just block off unnatural sloped areas with Pathfinding Regions (see the section named Working with Regions) using PathfindingModifiers.

It simply makes the character unable to traverse the terrain Pathfinding Service mapped out. Although using Pathfinding Regions and Pathfinding Modifiers could work, I would have to manually go over every single steep slope in the game which is a huge time sink and would make the development process for new areas significantly more time consuming.

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PathfindingService does not correctly support terrain. Waypoints will randomly be placed above where they should be. You should be using Parts instead.

I submitted a bug report regarding terrain and Pathfinding Service and terrain and was told it was being looked into. Why would I be told it was being looked into if Pathfinding Service is not able to use terrain? Also, even if Pathfinding Service is not designed to be used with terrain, this would still be a very useful feature to have with parts.

Edit: misread your message. Although it is currently buggy with terrain it is still functional and actively being developed, and simply switching over to parts is not an option for me.