Allow developers to talk with employers before indicating interest in a position

As a Roblox developer that is forced to rely on the Talent Hub for commissions, it is incredibly frustrating to have to apply for a job just to ask some questions.

What the Talent Hub currently does is it sends you an invite to your inbox and you have to pick between being able to chat by applying for the position and rejecting it. It’s similar when you apply for a job. It is incredibly frustrating as most people who do make hiring posts on the Talent Hub are always incredibly vague about what they want or just don’t have certain key information in the post. Being forced to indicate that you’re 100% interested in applying while you just want to ask follow up questions is misleading to the people who are looking for developers at best.

If Roblox allowed us to talk to employers before indicating interest, it would make scoping out details more efficient. I do understand that asking questions does indicate interest, however, it’s not a 100% interest. Personally, I am almost never fully interested in a position until I get to ask the follow up questions to fill in the blanks. I also know that this goes for quite a number of people. By not opting into the vetting process for those positions, we don’t end up giving people hope for hiring someone but also be able to in a way give feedback to those who are new to the process and simply don’t have anyone to really ask if they’re missing something.

Below, I attached a photo of the inbox for how the individual chat could look like.

As you can see, the green “applied” is changed to “Click here to apply!” while the chat is not hidden away behind a consent prompt.
This would greatly increase the usefulness of the Talent Hub as the process of withdrawing from applications is as of now still a little buggy and sometimes you have to do it more than once.


I agree that this is a problem that needs to be solved. I think a system that lets you ask questions without applying would be a good thing to have!

Also, this should probably be separated from the applications tab!! That way you don’t get confused who is interested and who is just scoping the job offering out!!


I agree, I had to make a whole application to a spot that I know I couldn’t do just to talk to someone. They need to add this.

Why do you need to ask questions about a job you don’t meet the requirements for?

It wasn’t about the job, that’s my point.

In that case, you should just approach the job poster on another platform. They may not be interested in receiving Talent Hub messages about people that are not prospective collaborators.

But I didn’t know how to reach them on another platform.

Your use case seems off-topic to this feature request. It seems like you want a way to spam a user directly (without their consent beforehand) about something not related to specific jobs they posted, which is not a valid use case for the Talent Hub. I recommend making another feature request specific for your case.


I wasn’t spamming him, nor do I want to. It was because the chat from the job I applied to earlier disappeared and I had a question, if I could have messaged him without applying then this wouldn’t be a problem making my reason that this should be added valid. Also, I’m not a regular so I can’t make feature requests.

I agree, this is getting off topic.

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This is a great feature request - and in fact mirrored by some other Creators I spoke to at RDC this weekend. I can definitely see the use case here, and will be taking it back to the team where we can have a discussion about it.

Thanks for writing this up!


Chiming in here from a conversation I had with @ItsKoiske on a different, but related, feature request - this feature would be key for starting professional relationships and collaborations.

Reaching out to influencers is currently rather difficult, and in most cases, likely would not happen via the current Talent Hub. If it was possible to reach out to people first, or if it was possible to send some sort of request to people matching a certain criteria - that would be incredibly helpful.

I’ve had interest in using the Talent Hub to reach out to popular experiences and influencers for collaborations, but I am unable to do so there. Workflows that support conversation, connections, and collaboration would be awesome.