Allow developers to translate arbitrary text

As a Roblox developer, it’s not currently possible to translate arbitrary text from users without paying for an external translation service (such as Google Translate). This is a problem in our experience, Clip It, because everything in our game is user-generated and largely inaccessible to the global Roblox audience. Twenty percent of our users don’t speak English as a first language, which massively limits their engagement with the content in our app.

Clip It is a social media and video creation app with a global ‘For You’ feed, similar to TikTok and Reels. Below are examples of content in our app that aren’t currently translated:

  • The caption under videos
  • Comments on a video
  • Bios on a user profile

There are other cases of user-generated text that would ideally be translated, but those three are the most important for our use case. Without real-time in-place text translation, a huge portion of UGC content in our experience is inaccessible to the global audience.

Our proposed solution is to expose Roblox’s new real-time text chat translation feature to developers through a new Lua API. Translating text should be just as easy as filtering text.


I fully agree. Lua Learning has lots of user generated tutorials, quests, and comments. Communication outside the default text chat should be able to access the same translation endpoints as the default chat.


This post that was made recently was (partially) asking for this feature.

I also do think that it shouldn’t just be chat that can be translated (without using an external site)