Allow games to be linked to groups without being group games

Since the removal of personal build servers, any and all non-PBS games that were linked with groups are now unlinked. As we do not have control over how funds are split per-game and we cannot set edit permissions per game, I would like the ability to link non-group games to groups.
The current workaround is to have a teleporter place in the group games to go to the original place. I am well aware of being able to convert my game to a group game, but that will take a lot of control away as other players in the group would be able to edit the place.

There’s a permission setting in group admin that lets you disable/enable editing permissions. You can restrict this to only yourself, or give the rank to appropriate ranks. Everyone in the group does not have the ability to edit group games.

I am aware of what the rank does, but I cannot limit 1 developer from working on another game that they shouldn’t be working on. EG Timmy works on project 1 and Bob works on project 2. With permissions, Timmy can now work on project 2, much to Bob’s dismay.
That and I do not own the group that the issue is with.

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Ah, I see what you mean now. Linking non-group games to groups doesn’t seem to be a very clean way of tackling the issue though when the ability to restrict place access per person should be possible with groups by default. IMO this should be a group feature instead of some weird place linking thing. Groups already have group places – linking in additional places would be awkward.

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Well you then have the issue of not-so-popular (<1M visits) games being unable to convert to be a group game without losing a lot of saved data that players may have spent Robux to help achieve (currency purchase).

normal -> group game conversion is only manual for now. That process can always become automatic (and for the better) in the future.