Allow HumanoidDescriptions to take a table of animation values

Currently it is difficult to alter the animations of players to a custom set, by changing the humanoid description.

When setting custom animations, the animation have to be published to Roblox, then instanced in studio, packaged under the correct hierarchy of a model, then that model published to Roblox, then that id used in the humanoid description.

This is a tedious process, especially considering there is no ability to scale animations yet …

Without animation scaling, there needs to be several copies of a single animation scaled for different sizes. When the different animation sets need to be used in a Humanoid Description, having to format the model and re-upload to Roblox becomes quite tedious.

This could be solved if Humanoid Descriptions could take an animation table per entry, instead of just a numeric value.
Even a new api command such as the ones added with the Dynamic Clothing, would help.

For example, consider idle. There might be 2 idle animations with weight.
HumanoidDescription.IdleAnimation = {
{Id = xxxxxxx, Weight = xx},
{Id = xxxxxxx, Weight = xx}

something like that.
This would make it not only easy for custom animations, but also to easily mix and match sets of animations.
Mixing sets of animations comes in handy when (as stated above) the lack of scaling forces developers to create multiple animations. Not all animations need to be scaled, as some contain only rotation data, and do not use any translations. If I have an idle animation with translations and and a second idle animation with only rotations. Instead of having to publish model sets for reach, I could use a table with the various scaled id’s of the translated animations, mixed with the one instance of the non scaled, non translated second idle animation.

It’s a bit difficult to explain, but this would definitely have a use case.
Even if it were an api, such as HumanoidDescription:SetAnimation(Enum.AnimatoinType.Idle, {
{Id = xxxx, Weight = xxxx},
{Id = xxxx, Weight = xxxx}