Allow humanoids' movement to be influenced by elasticity of other parts

So right now it’s impossible to create a physics-based jump pad in which the part serving as the bouncy surface uses a custom Elasticity property.

My current setup involves an anchored part on the ground with Elasticity=1 and ElasticityWeight=100. This setup functions perfectly for bouncing any parts off of, but when big bad Humanoid and his side-kick Character come into contact with it, something causes the humanoid to land perfectly, void of any of the intended bouncing. The irritating part is that Humanoids do listen to Friction, allowing them to slide around on icy surfaces.

For the sake of consistency, I think Humanoids should also listen to the Elasticity of parts alongside the Elasticity’s weight.

For now, are there any viable workarounds that don’t involve remembering velocity and re-applying it? That can cause issues with latency in a lot of instances and I really don’t want that.


Is this with R6 or R15?

Both R6 and R15 are affected by this.

I know that if your pad is anchored and you set the velocity of the pad to something like 0, 200, 0 then any part that’s on the pad will fly in the direction of that vector at that magnitude. It only works if the pad is anchored and it’s sort of a hacky workaround but it works last time I checked.

That does certainly still work. Surprised I didn’t think of that, so thanks.

Bit of a late followup to both your own and my reply, I didn’t think of this until I tested it.

Yes, it does work, but it does not proportionally reflect the player’s velocity and that’s what I need. Could probably make some crazy workaround.

I’m experiencing this as well. Wanted to increase friction of only characters without setting physicalproperties for every part in the game. Setting physical properties of character’s limbs and the HRP with FrictionWeight=100 had no impact on character movement. Expected behavior: I can tweak physical properties like friction on the HRP to achieve ice-like (or opposite) effects without modifying other parts.