Allow Joining Private Servers by Clicking Link on Mobile

As a developer, it is currently impossible to share a VIP server link that allows all members to join.

What I mean:
VIP servers have always been ‘broken’ for mobile devices. If you click on a VIP server link on a mobile device it will just take you to the game page and nothing else.
If you (the owner of the VIP server) goes an invites people on the configure page, they will be able to click the join button on the server itself but not by clicking the link.

As Roblox pushes more and more into the mobile market this is a huge red flag that VIP server links continue to not function for mobile devices.

I don’t really know if it’s a feature or a bug but in this day and age, I shouldn’t have to exclude my mobile player base just because we’re joining a VIP server.

Pictures below are taken from my group wall after shouting a VIP server link to give out dev badges for the Pizza Party event:

And I have many more just like it.

Video of it not working to confirm it doesn’t work:

This next video is me trying a link on twitter. It will take me to the game and launch a server but it’s not actually the VIP server but just a public one.
Same functionality occurred if I click on a VIP link in the mobile app:

Plus a screenshot of the VIP server list while I was launched into the game confirming that I was indeed not launched into the VIP server and instead a public one:

Update: tested it by clicking on a link in a group shout and it seemed to work for me. So my guess is that everyone complaining on my group wall is on the Roblox webpage on their mobile device and not on the app. - If this is the case, Roblox should try and get this to work on ALL platforms if possible. I hate having to exclude fans for something as stupid as this.

In addition:
It’s not really on topic with the links but I think the name “VIP Server” is super outdated and has never really made sense. This should instead be changed to “Private Server” or something similar to better reflect what they actually are.


This feature has always remained functional for me even after the mobile updates were released.


I can confirm that this is a big problem that should be addressed ASAP.

A larger portion of my audience is on the mobile platform, so this limits me when I stream on Twitch and post my links on the live twitch chat for people to join, but is limited to only PC players. Making the feature available for every app/platform to join from a link would help my stream, and many others streams, a lot.


My only bypass for this bug has been to copy the link, paste it in my chat box, select the link and then open with Chrome. This is on my Pixel 2, and I’m told it doesn’t work with iPhone or Samsung.


It seems as if this is still a large issue.


Bringing this back up due to the new statistics released as per Roblox’s IPO filing.

72% of users play on mobile. That means that 72% of users can’t properly use Private Server links.


And another bump since it seems like @david.baszucki himself was made aware of this a while ago and still nothing has been fixed.



As Roblox expands its player base into a more mobile-user audience, the need for players to be able to join private servers through links is pretty critical. This is an issue that hasn’t been addressed despite being heard numerous times, I think it would benefit a lot of developers (and especially mobile players!) if an updated response is provided on what’s being done about this, or whether the ability will not be supported long-term.


Looks like our voices have reached development! Thanks everyone!

Works on iPhone right now, Android soon enough.