Allow Members to Ignore Users

As a non-regular user the option to ignore users is unavailable. Being able to ignore user posts would improve my browsing experience.

Member view: image

Regular+ view: image


I completely agree with this, lately, i started to need this feature option to block users who’re posting unecessary replies or just for people who annoy me alot. I don’t see a reason of why Members have not this feature enabled. Muting someone wouldn’t solve the problem in this type of cases. Thanks for reading

If you look at the source, this is hard-coded to TL2+: (TrustLevel.levels[:member] == 2)

Request on to change this to affect all users / be configurable by trust level.


Hey folks, it looks like Discourse added a setting in the mean-time. @UFAIL2 Can you check if this is resolved for you now? Thanks


The setting change resolved the issue.

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