Allow More Frequent Game Updates


As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to keep my fan base up to date with our latest updates.

The current time limit of one Game Update every seven days is detrimental to being able to communicate properly with our fans. This is a feature that could have a lot of potential, but I feel like having such a long time out discourages people from using it.

After talking to some other fellow developers, it feels like we are all in favor of decreasing this time limit. Here are some legitimate concerns I have gathered:

  • I forgot to send out a game update on the same day of my update, and had to send it out 1-3 days after. Now I have to wait another 7 days to send another? This just means all of my Game Updates will be delayed if I stick to the same release schedule!
  • My release schedule is not set in stone. Sometimes I can have two legitimate updates in a given week! How am I supposed to communicate that my followers’ favorite game has another awesome update?
  • Upon release of any of my updates, I always send a Game Update to let my followers know. But one of my updates was severely broken and I wasn’t able to fix it until the morning after! How am I supposed to communicate that the issues have been solved to the people loyal enought to hit follow?


I’ve almost avoided using this feature altogether for this very reason. Is there a technical reason why this is was implemented? Having to wait a week between game updates is painfully limiting and makes absolutely no sense from my POV.


Seems like Roblox is open to increasing it, but they weren’t sure what time limit would have been the best upon implementation.


As somebody who consistently updates every Saturday morning, the time limit being exactly one week really punishes my upload schedule. Personally I would be happy if the limit was lowered to six days (so that I wouldn’t have to keep pushing my releases back an hour or so every week), but I am all in-favor of lowering it even further.


Does not bother me too much, I only use it for major updates.


Definitely agree with this. I think a 3 day limit, or even 1 day, would suffice. If a player truly was getting annoyed with notifications they subscribed to, then they can just unfollow the game.


I’m mad that this feature was released completely lobotomized (no push notifications, can only update once per week, 3 and a half character maximum, etc.) and then as a result the lack of developer use and player engagement will be pointed at to de-prioritize further updates on this feature.

Of course if you give us a bike with two flat tires, we’re not going to ride on it much.

This feature should have been (and still should be) seen to completion.


Yeah. I love the idea behind this feature and I think that if Roblox brings it to its full potential it will be much more useful.

I mean come on. Who even checks the notifications tab when it’s usually flooded with friend requests anyway?


To add onto this, I think it would be an even more useful feature if there was a game sort added to user’s home pages that displayed the games that have been recently updated from this feature