Game Update Notification is not reaching potential: Add a game sort "Recently Updated" to the home page

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to get the best use out of the “Game Updates” feature due to low visibility to the player.

You can see these updates for a mid-tier game only get 400 to 700 clicks to them. As a game in the 500s/800s for regular weekday/weekend concurrents, and these updates being out for weeks, it is clear that players are not re-joining the game through this feature.

This feature request is to have better visibility to games using this update feature. My request is for a new game sort to be added to the Roblox home page called “Recently Updated” which displays the most recently updated games that the user is currently following.

This goes off of an assumption I have which is players find games using game sorts, rather than notification panels far away from the center of attention on the screen.

The text the developer puts out could even be put under the game icon showcasing the update

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it could improve the usefulness of the games update notification system, which is the 2nd most popular Web Feature request of all time

Inspiration from this request came from this thread and post


Absolute support. It’s baffling that Roblox spent time developing this feature for us only to basically sweep it under the rug. Like geezum-crow, why not make it more obvious to the player instead of hiding it in some obscure menu somewhere?


400 views with a 3% click rate means like 12 clicks. I’m better off Tweeting updates with #Roblox tags or using my group wall shouts. This feature is useless right now and needs to be expanded like the way you suggested.


Game Update Notifications was one of the most poorly rolled out developer features I’ve ever seen. The update was hamstrung from the start with debilitating limitations and lacking crucial features:

  • The once-a-week limit prevents Game Update Notifications for being used in emergency or otherwise unplanned scenarios.
  • The 60 character limit is incredibly restrictive and on its own reduces most use cases
  • The lack of Desktop and Mobile push notifications kills the reach and call-to-action ability of updates

I’m all for a "recently updated’ sort, but Game Update Notifications themselves are utterly anemic and these issues need to be addressed.