Allow more support for local avatars/humanoids

I am having issues using certain features of the Avatar, namely HumanoidDescription and Accessories. Neither of these works on the client.

It seems as of recent HumanoidDescriptions was added. I was quite excited to use it until I found that it did not support local avatars at all. This was displeasing to me at best, I had really looked forward to working with something more automatic and streamlined, but I suppose there was the manual way.

So I went through and made a bunch of accessories for my system to just load in onto these avatars. But then came the problem that really prompted me to write this: :AddAccessory() could only be used on the server. Now I’m not entirely sure what purpose this serves, I assumed at first it had something to do with loading the accessory from Roblox’s servers. That was until I realized that shirts and pants worked just fine, and the act of simply parenting and attaching an accessory didn’t need to be done on the Server.

In case you’re wondering, there’s a great reason why I run a lot of NPCs on the client. It’s so that the server doesn’t take any load with NPCs that only a specific player needs to be loaded. For the most part, all I need to do is run the CFraming on the server, that’s it. I managed to get around 1k NPCs running concurrently on screen using this method, with very little server load outside of pathfinding.

I know this sounds niche, but I’m sure others have and will run into issues regarding this. I don’t really see the point as to why this limitation exists. I’d love for there to be some support added or even feedback as to why it’s not supported.