Allow new servers pull the latest Package version if it was set to auto-update, or bring back LinkedSources

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to work with Packages as a globally shared instance. If I wanted to share a script, for example, across multiple places, I would have to open and publish each place individually thus defeating the purpose of using Packages.

I currently use Rojo to sync my project with my dev environment, so I could go and sync my project with all X number of places in my game, but I would like to not have to open up so many instances of Roblox Studio. It not only takes up my computer’s resources to load everything just to update a single script, but it slows down my workflow because there is potential for any of these instances to crash.

The removal of creating new LinkedSources before this functionality was implemented in LinkedSources is a mistake, so either bring them back while Packages continue to get fleshed out, or at least confirm to us whether or not this functionality will exist in Packages at all.