Allow players to subscribe to games and see feed updates from the developer

Players should be able to receive feed updates from their favorite games when they are updated.

Here is an example:

The new games thumbnail update coming out soon(tm?) points to an extreme anti-putting game updates in our title.
Well, ROBLOX, the reason we have to do this is to communicate to our players. We have no way of telling players who favorited our game that it was updated, unless we make a thumbnail specifically for the update, or put it in the title.
This just screams that we need some way to tell players when our games have updates.

I am convinced that ROBLOX can pull off a system similar to youtube, in which players (subscribe to a game) really we already have this, the favorite button. We could even use the like button. If a player likes or favorites a game, when the game is updated, it will show up in the players feed as shown in the picture. We can discuss what the max updates / day that should be allowed for any one game. I posted this to twitter and this was a big concern - developers spamming player’s feeds.

The developer will get to write out a short summary to the player about what the update contains. This message will be seen as in the picture. I provided a sample update summary.

“Why don’t you just use groups?”
I argue that groups do not efficiently get all the players who are interested in the game, the news that it was updated. Because: A much smaller portion of players can actually join a group (due to the group join limit, or due to not knowing about it). ROBLOX should not be limiting the amount of players that can know about updates from their developer.

If this update were to be implemented, it would allow developers to communicate to players in a more formal way than a group status update, or a tweet.

A subscriber system based on favorites, likes, or either one seems to be the best way to allow developers to communicate to their players at large, that the game has an update.


The fact that I posted something very similar only a month ago proves that we need this as a feature.

Was messing around, not sure how this would effect the UX, but this would bring it up much further and much more visible. which alongside your feature, would make it tons more useful. I think we would see feeds used more often if we could push updates through it

Edit: this may be too cluttered for people though, but it was just a rough idea

I’d love if I could send users who subscribe to my game updates through their feed. I think it would be great to be able to do this without the use of a group or account or what ever work around’s are available.

My only problem with using the users feed is that it’s located on a part of the screen most users dont ever see, unless they’re looking for it. I think for a feature that holds such an importance at keeping you updated on whats happening in your little social bubble on roblox, it should have a more prominent place on the home page.

My version of what Nexx was trying to do. It’s crappy work on my part but the concept of it gets across. Clicking See All would just expand the element(6 rows of 3 feed update, giving 18 updates just like the current one), or take you to a new web page where your feed is displayed.

Here is what I would think that it would look:

Then it would only allow so many characters on the feed, but have a link to the full changelog page and such. That way the developers are not spamming their feed with a huge changelog.

In about a day this idea has taken off on twitter.

I posted to see whether or not Roblox players who happen to be on twitter like the idea.

119 retweets. This idea is well liked by players, and developers alike. And it would be cool for it to be acknowledged by a staff member.

Please. This would make me so very happy. Also, it should keep an archive of your updates so that players can read through them.

We need this feature.

I, too, think that this would be a wonderful feature. However, I think that only favoriting the game (or perhaps a new ‘subscribing’ feature) should send these updates to you. The reason for this is that I certainly enjoy, unlike YouTube, how likes/dislikes are not ‘tied’ to anything else on the site. Also, I like/dislike many games, since that’s how the rating feature is supposed to be used, and I’d prefer that all the games I “like” are not constantly giving me updates. As Amaze already explained, it’s just to get the point across. Just mentioning why I think it should not use likes. In fact, I think that we should be able to opt into ‘subscribing’ to games to view their feed, rather than favorites, so that it’s more discrete.

As always, with a new feature, there are little nit-picky things that need to be sorted out. I’d mention specifically that there should be some sort of cooldown on how often these update notes can be sent out, even though that would probably be a feature without my suggestion.

Really great idea. Please implement this. :slight_smile:

We need a #robloxsuggestion xD

So non RBXDev members can send in ideas like this xD

This is a perfect idea! I’d love to see something like this on ROBLOX in the future!

This would be really useful. Probably the best thing to do would be to change the “Favorite” to “Subscribe” and leave the likes separate.

Yes, I have wanted this for quite awhile. As it stands we have to use social media, group shouts, and even thumbnail changes to attempt to notify players of an update. This would be far more effective, and reach a lot more people.