TheAmazeman's Catalog of Feature Requests and Helpful dev forum posts

Hello! I’ve been attacked on twitter from old guard game developers who have no patience to actually research into individual Roblox developers, and what they stand for, and they group us all in as an evil bundle exploiting children shilling for Roblox Corp.

I’m publishing this document so that anyone can take a look at what I’m about. Read in as much as you want, the more you read, the more you’ll see what I’m about, and have always been about. This is not a comprehensive guide of every single one of my dev forum posts, but the main ones, as to not overwhelm the reader.

I’m not saying I am the only dev who makes suggestions or helps people, nor am I saying I’m the best at it. Take a look at the many others within the Admired Developers category.

Economic Guides: to spread knowledge I spent a lot of money to attain in University, for free


Game Discovery Advocacy: to improve the exponential curve of earnings (pareto distribution) to more developers, giving more opportunity.

Putting this out there because ratings per platform would influence player expectations

Posted this because getting your game out there to new audiences improves discoverability

Feature Requests to improve Roblox Develop for everyone:

They solved this by having tier-less cashouts after 100k Robux