Allow Private Servers on Paid Access experiences

As it currently stands, experiences that are Paid Access are not permitted to enable Private Servers.


This is a pointless restriction that is detrimental to social experience of the Roblox platform. Private Servers exist to allow users to choose who they are interacting with. Paid experiences should have the same feature for the same reason every other experience has it. This was requested 4 years ago here.

Games that are paid access currently have to roll custom solutions via Developer Products to recreate the Private Server feature-set for their users. This is redundant and silly, given that Private Servers already exist.

Private Servers were recently(ish) given the ability to be free. If Roblox’s concern here is that users should not pay for the game twice (which is an ineffectual concern, given that in-game purchases can be used to build an equivalent anyway) then Private Servers should at least be able to be enabled as free on Paid Access experiences. Perhaps something like this:

A game being non-free should not prevent it from utilizing the platform’s social features that make Roblox so much fun with friends.


Thanks for sharing this feature request – will pass this along to the team working on private servers.