Allow Purchase of All Premium Tiers

As a mobile Roblox user, it is currently impossible to purchase Premium tiers above 450.

Mobile users should be able to purchase Premium tiers above 450. I see no reason to restrict mobile users- they aren’t any more immature as you need to be an adult/ask an adult to buy Premium anyways. Other than that one invalid point, I find no rhyme or reason to do so. At one time, it was confirmed it was intentional:

But only temporarily. However, if you looked at the acknowledgement date you’d notice that this had been confirmed over a year ago- in September of 2019. This leaves three possible scenarios:

A. This is unintentional and is actually a bug. I highly doubt this is the case.

B. They are still unsure about this new premium page. I also highly doubt this is the case because as stated before it has been well over a year since the page had been implemented.

C. This is intentional. I bet this is the reason- but why? If a Roblox staff member comes across this topic, I’d love to know why this is the case.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve everyone’s experience because:

-Mobile users would be informed (if not already) of the existence of multiple tiers. Users are happy that they can purchase higher tiers and Roblox, in fact, profits.
-Mobile users would not have to visit the Roblox website just to purchase a higher tier of Premium.

Images of the current system

Mobile users on Roblox constitute nearly half of all users on this platform. Where are their options?

Thank you.